Rennsport updates Closed Beta, adds damage, figure 8 track

Thomas Harrison-Lord
For those who are in the programme, there are also changes to car and kerb sounds, and the addition of the previously announced Praga R1.
Rennsport updates Closed Beta, adds damage, figure 8 track 02

The Rennsport sim racing platform is continuing its evolution, with a suite of changes now available for Beta members.

The update, launching 8th August 2023, adds the previously unveiled Praga R1 mini-prototype racer first showcased at the inaugural ESL R1 sports finale in Munich, three months ago.

Perhaps most intriguingly, there’s a figure 8 circuit. Yes, you read that correctly. This is not Descrutciton Derby or Wreckfest, yet you can take GT3 on the 8ETA venue and seemingly crash into each other.

However, it makes a little more sense when you release that this update also adds the first version of a damage system labelled ‘Damage V1’. Perhaps the looping circuit exists to test out this system, it could also be indicative of the more ‘fun’ side of the platform, following on from the initial modded content previewed.

Rennsport 8ETA circuit track figure 8

Also, look closely at the trailer above for memes on the big screens which mock Rennsport’s rollout so far – bravo. The track name, by the way, is in reference to an “Only 8 Beta Keys” meme, too.

The sound of the BMW M4 GT3 specifically has been tuned, alongside a more realistic sound when running over kerbs. Exterior animations of the wheels and tyres are said to also be refined – one challenge of using the Unreal Engine technology base is managing the level of blur in the area.

Praga R1 in Rennsport

Over 50,000 requests for Rennsport‘s Closed Beta have been submitted, and while access is still limited for the time being, the development team does plan to send out further batches of codes throughout 2023. This most recent update does not include the recently showcased Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb venue or Porsche 963 LMDh.

Rennsport Closed Beta August update changelog

New content

  • New car: Praga R1
  • New track: 8ETA
  • Damage V1

Quality-of-life changes


    • Physics
      • Implemented Praga R1 physics
      • Implemented V1 damage system for all available cars
      • Changed upshift time for Porsche 911 GT3 R (992)
      • Equalised fuel consumption for all GT3 cars
    • Multiplayer
      • Reworked remote cars movement algorithm for better online multiplayer experience
      • Fixed problem with cars sometimes being spawned in the air and moved down to spawn point at gameplay stage start
    • Gameplay
      • Improved checkpoint times accuracy
      • Reworked corner cut detection systems for better flexibilities when giving penalties
      • Fixed bugs related to corner cutting
    • Input
      • Added predefined input profiles for some devices
      • Added possibility to turn car with mouse input
    • Spectator / replays
      • Improved replay and spectator functionalities for better visual experience
    • Animations
      • Improved driver animations
    • Audio
      • Fixed some issues with some sounds disappearing in certain conditions
      • Updated BMW M4 GT3 car sounds
      • Updated Porsche 911 GT3 R (992) sounds
      • Updated curb sounds
      • Added UI button sounds
    • UI
      • Added timer showing how much time player has left to be ready before being disqualified from the race
      • Changed tire temperature display UI to show more accurate tire temps
      • Fixed some problems with player history menu
      • Fixed problem with clipping lists in lobbies
      • Loading screen should no longer stop animating in final stage of loading

    Art / Tracks / Car Visuals

    • Updated wheel rotation blur effect

    Source: Rennsport, hi Kim!

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