Rejoice: SBK 22’s career mode results are now correct

Thomas Harrison-Lord
A critical timing and positioning error left some SBK 22 players without the correct results in career mode, but the first post-release patch has now rectified the standings system.
Rejoice - SBK 22's career mode results are now correct

The first official WorldSBK game, SBK 22, was released recently to a muted reception. Outside of its relative lack of modes and baren online lobbies, several users reported a timing and position error that meant the incorrect positions were reported.

In turn, this meant the Tissot Superpole race format, used in the real world, was not functioning correctly. Positions and timing gaps between the rides looked made up.

SBK 22 race start

It turns out the game was simply placing positions based on your, and the AI’s, fastest lap times.

In our review testing for review, on PlayStation 5, we experienced this during the first round, but not for the subsequent events – whereas players on different platforms experienced the error on a consistent basis. Either way, it was only within the career mode, strangely.

In today’s update (26th September 2022), however, this has now been rectified. The patch notes do state, however, that a new race weekend must be started for this change to come into effect.

There are some other additions too, for example, the guided set-up option now works ahead of a Tissot Superpole Race and the team performance value within some menus has now been corrected.

It’s a small update to kick things off for SBK 22, but a notable one.

SBK 22 update, 26th September 2022, changelog

  • Career mode: points attribution issue in Race 1 and Superpole Race fixed.
    Now points are assigned based on the final standing of the related session (please note: this fix needs a new race week-end to be operative. In progress race week-ends won’t be affected by the fix).
  • Tissot Superpole Race: Guided Setup option is now available.
  • Team performance value is now correctly displayed in the selection menu pages
  • Minor fixes
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