Reiza Studios patches Automobilista 2 over to v1.2.0.8

Justin Melillo

Over the weekend, Reiza Studios released another update for the 1.2 version of Automobilista 2. Now running at v1.2.0.8, some recent and long standing bugs that would cause crashing have been fixed, as well as some other tweaks throughout the interface, physics, AI, and audio in the game.  

Some tracks and cars also got a few updates, such as the new Laguna Seca track that was included as DLC in this build. Specifically, Laguna Seca fixed some curbing and added some trackside objects, but there were also some minor tweaks to Spa-Francorchamps, Imola, and Velopark. 

Overall, the update addresses many things that just happen to get looked over during the update. Even after the latest update came through, there were some who noticed an error immediately where users couldn’t connect, and a fixed was sent through within the hour. Computer technology, sometimes it doesn’t play nice. 

Check out the full changelog below and if you haven’t already, be sure to check on Steam for the update. Stay tuned over on Traxion as we continue to update the community on Reiza’s community updates. 



  • Fixed an issue that could lead to CTD at session start in some cases. 
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a CTD when using pit strategy selection list in multiplayer sessions. 
  • Adjusted Livetrack Grip Range. 
  • Minor revisions to shadow cascading parameters from cockpit view. 
  • Increased number of hourly real weather forecast slots to allow simulated 24-hour sessions with no slot re-use. 


  • Fixed incorrect help text on some instances of Live Track Preset option. 
  • Fixed missing localization of Damage > Rear Aero input label on pit strategy editor. 
  • Fixed German localization typo on pit exit blend line tip text. 
  • Fixed French text displaying on German localization on telemetry HUD tip. 
  • Updated various environmental/technical terms in Spanish localization. 


  • Further tire tread fine-tuning for Proto classes, GTs, Stock Cars, F-Retros, Procar, Group A, Group C, F-Ultimate. 
  • Mercedes AMG GT3: Adjusted default engine brake map. 
  • F-Ultimate: Increased FFB Max Force range; adjusted default diff settings. 
  • Fixed error in Mini dampers & disabled redundant fast damper range. 
  • AI: Adjusted aggression scalars and care with player for tintops; reduced throttle response time for GTE & GT3; calibrated GTE, GT3 & StockCars. 
  • Adjusted AI Grip for Imola & added corner-specific speed boosts to Piratella, Acque Minerali, Rivazza. 
  • Cascais Added AI corner boost to last corner. 
  • Interlagos: Adjusted AI lines & corridor changes at Mergulho and Arquibancadas for improved behavior; Added speed slowdowns on pitlane exit path. 


  • Adjusted rumble strip sound frequency. 
  • Further surface sound optimizations. 
  • Surface sound filtering present only on road noise/skid sounds (Grass & dirt excluded). 


  • Spa-Francorchamps 1993: Add dynamic cones. 
  • Velopark: Center start trigger across track and pit lane width. 
  • Added seasonal foliage to all Imola variants. 
  • Laguna Seca: Fixed curbs uv1/uv2; Add more remaining trackside objects; adjusted glow on the start lights. 
  • Imola: Fix wall collision error. 


  • Camaro GT4.R: Added 3 new liveries. 
  • Helmet cameras: Reworked the helmet cams meshes and materials for the Modern formula, GT modern, club, 70s and 80s. now support triple screen/ultra-wide (54 to 89 degrees of FOV). 
  • Fixed RPM LED ranges for Mclaren 720S, F309, F301, Metalmoro MRX P3. 
  • Updated Porsche GT4 Cayman & Ginetta G55 tire material fixing issue with tires disappearing in certain circumstances. 
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