Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5 aims to “remove barriers to gaming”

Justin Melillo
A new gaming device and initiative from Sony for the PlayStation 5, Project Leonardo is hoped to make gaming more inclusive with accessible controllers.
Project Leonardo for PlayStation 5 aims to "remove barriers to gaming"

A controller with accessibility in mind. That’s what Project Leonardo, the new initiative for the PlayStation 5 from Sony for those that may be disabled, is all about. Giving those who want to take part in video games a way to do so with a controller that they can make work for their needs.

The Project Leonardo peripheral that was announced on Wednesday at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a highly customizable controller that can be modified in multiple ways.

“Designed to remove barriers to gaming and help players with disabilities play more easily, more comfortably and for longer periods on PS5,” is what the blog starts out with, and looking at the first concepts of the device, it’s unlike anything ever produced before.

Both the hardware, in the way the controller is put together, and the software, the way each button responds, are fully customizable on the Project Leonardo controller. I won’t get into the specifics, as the PlayStation Blog already does a great job at explaining how these controllers can be utilized.

I will say though that especially those who want to get into the racing game sphere and have a tough time with wheels, pedals, and even handheld controllers, this new initiative could make it easier and more comfortable for more looking to get into our genre.

Whether it’s rubbing virtual fenders on Wreckfest, going up against the gold on Gran Turismo 7, or even playing a magnificent top down racer like art of rally, all games that can be played competitively with a controller already, I imagine that Project Leonardo could give many more a chance to experience virtual racing.

While the design may change and there aren’t many other details about the device, such as when it’s expected to launch or how much it might cost, this first look is quite promising.

Definitely take a look at the video posted above and head over to the blog for the details. Gaming should be for all, and Sony is doing a great thing in developing such a product that makes gaming more accessible to more gamers.

SOURCE: PlayStation Blog

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