Preliminary schedule for 2022 iRacing Season 4 released

The preliminary official racing schedule for iRacing’s 2022 Season 4 was released in the iRacing forums on Wednesday (7th September 2022).

Tyler D. Hudson, iRacing’s Senior Competition Manager of eSports, announced the preliminary schedule for 2022 iRacing Season 4 on the iRacing forums yesterday (7th September 2022). The preliminary list was updated again on Thursday, and it should provide a clear look into what is running for the next 12 weeks.

Many of the well-known series for oval, road, dirt oval and dirt road all return to official racing as expected. Regarding the new content, the Porsche Mission R will have its own fixed setup series, the Mission R Challenge, a 20 minute race series available for those with a Class D license or higher.

For the new tracks, the free-to-members Rudskogen Motorsenter will find its place on multiple schedules, including the entry-level fixed Mazda MX-5 Cup in Week 2, the fixed Formula Vee in Week 5, and various other higher-level series throughout the season.

Being that both the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben and Lucas Oil Speedway are paid content, you won’t find them in the entry-level series, but both have been sprinkled into various schedules for their respective disciplines.

The updated ARCA car and Lotus 79 car also have their usual series continuing, and the new Indianapolis oval rescan will also see some action later on in the year.

The full preliminary schedule can be seen on the iRacing Forum or it can be downloaded directly here. This version is current as of 8th September 2022.

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