Play racing games in your BMW from 2023 

BMW has announced a partnership with casual gaming service AirConsole, bringing it to BMW and MINI vehicles from 2023.
Play racing games in your BMW from 2023 

BMW has announced a tie-in with casual gaming service AirConsole, with the N-Dream-developed product set to feature on all new BMW and MINI cars from 2023*. 

AirConsole provides gaming over its cloud-based service and is currently available for Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google TV, PC and Mac. The service is currently available on around 300 million TVs and set-top boxes, with ambitious plans to increase this number to one billion by 2026. 

The USP of AirConsole is that players’ smartphones are used to control the on-screen action as opposed to bulky controllers or TV remotes. The main focus of AirConsole’s catalogue is casual multiplayer games, with over 180 available. 

In terms of racing titles, AirConsole has obscure games like Burnin’ Rubber 5 Air, GoKartGo! Air! and Final Drift. Although the service lacks top-tier games AirConsole is working on adding several Nintendo Switch conversions to its roster. 

The connection between smartphones and the BMW Curved Display is handled via a QR code, enabling gameplay on the 14.9-inch touchscreen. 

“With AirConsole we will leverage innovative technologies combined with a broad variety of fun and multiplayer games. This will make every waiting situation inside the vehicle, such as charging, an enjoyable moment,” stated Stephan Durach, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Connected Company Development. 

BMW AirConsole Burnin' Rubber 5 Air
Burnin’ Rubber 5 Air

“We are extremely proud to spearhead gaming inside vehicles with BMW and are excited to create new games for in-car entertainment. Our ingenious architecture coupled with the ease of access of our platform will change the way people get entertained in their vehicles,” said Anthony Cliquot, CEO of N-Dream. 

Are you intrigued by the prospect of playing casual racing games in a BMW or MINI? Let us know in the comments below. 

Racing games available for AirConsole 

  • AirConsole 
  • Burnin’ Rubber 5 Air 
  • GoKartGo! Air! 
  • Racing Wars 
  • Final Drift 
  • Robot Rumble 
  • Underground King,   

*BMW Curved Display option required 

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