Nintendo Switch version of MotoGP 21 adds Electric MotoE Class

Justin Melillo
MotoGP 21

Patch 1.0.5 for the Nintendo Switch edition of MotoGP 21 has added the electric-style bikes known as the MotoE class. These bikes aren’t new to the other editions, as they received the update earlier this month. Still, this brings the handheld console closer to its competitors in this particular game with the addition.

As Tom explained when the update originally came out, this FIM electric motorcycle racing series came to be in 2019. Now in 2021, the MotoE World Cup is in the midst of its third season, this one clocking in at seven total races. You can play as any of the 18 drivers in the series, and the one-shot E-Pole qualifying system is also included.

MotoE added to MotoGP 21

The bikes themselves are all Energica Ego Corsa with a 11.7kWh battery which can go 0-100 km/h or 62 mph in three seconds. These fun, electric powered motorcycles are now playable on all versions, so enjoy.

The changelog is pretty small, but noticeably missing is the latest update for the other consoles which includes wet suits. That update just released less than a week ago and it’s pretty unclear whether the Switch is going to get them or not. By the way the content roadmap plays out, this may be the last of the updates coming to the title. We’ll let you know if anything changes from that, so keep it pinned and check out the changes below.


  • Adding MotoE™ category
  • Review of the weather condition percentage
  • Minor updates on bikes exhausts
  • Minor fixes
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