Next Level Racing’s Motion Plus Platform brings sim racing motion to homes

Ross McGregor
Next Level Racing has revealed its new Motion Plus Platform, ideal for sim racers looking for extra feedback from their home rig systems
Next Level Racing Motion Plus Platform

Next Level Racing has announced its new Motion Plus Platform, suitable for use with flight sims and sim racing. 

The Australian business – founded in 2009 by brothers Hess and Tony Ghahramanian – sell a range of cockpits, flight simulators, wheel stands, and motion platforms, even supplying NASA with flight sims for training purposes.

The Motion Plus Platform – what does it do?

The Motion Plus Platform allows sim racers to experience the effects of heave and pitch, and is designed to work with VR in such a way as to eliminate unwanted movements likely to provoke motion sickness.

This is thanks to MotionSystems’ VR HeadWay 2.0 technology used within Next Level Racing’s Platform Manager Software, and it helps compensate for extra movement created by the motion rig.

Compatible sims

Next Level Racing Motion Plus Platform

Racing sims transfer telemetry data to the Motion Plus Platform, with the unit able to react to the on-screen action with movement speeds of 1100mm per second. In other words, very quickly.

Compatible sims include rFactor 2, iRacing, RaceRoom Racing Experience, Assetto Corsa, Assetto Corsa Competizione, Automobilista 2, Richard Burns Rally, WRC10, and the Forza Horizon/Motorsport series. 

A solid metal pivot bar transfers movement from the unit’s powerful 321W motor to the sim rig, creating an immersive experience as it reacts to every kerb, bump and gradient. 

Cost and the Next Level Racing Motion Ecosystem

The extra feedback comes at a price, however. A single Motion Plus Platform unit costs £2999 and offers two degrees of freedom (DOF)–- heave and pitch. An additional Motion Plus Platform, mated to a Next Level rig, will supply three DOF – heave, pitch and roll. Bear in mind the rig is sold separately. 

If combined with the Traction Plus Platform (£5499), a Motion Plus Platform can provide four DOF, helping the user experience sliding sensations such as understeer.

Next Level Racing Motion Plus Platform

The Motion Plus Platform can also be combined with the company’s Motion Platform V3, which provides direct seat movement across two DOF, at a cost of £2599. 

The Motion Plus Platform is compatible with Next Level Racing’s Elite Series, GTTrack and F-GT Racing cockpits, and is available to buy now from selected retailers.

Although commonly used for commercial purposes, the big advantage of Next Level Racing’s motion platforms are their relatively small footprint, making their use in home rig systems more attractive.

Do you feel that sim racing is enhanced by motion rigs? Do you own or use one on a regular basis? Let us know in the comments below. 

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