Next Level Racing’s HF8 haptic feedback gaming pad available this month

Pricing and availability for Next Level Racing’s HF8 Haptic Feedback Gaming Pad have been revealed, with sales starting in January 2023.
Next Level Racing's HF8 haptic feedback gaming pad available this month

After our preview at the Sim RacingExpo in December 2022, Next Level Racing has formally unveiled its HF8 – a haptic feedback gaming pad that can be used on any existing chair or sim racing cockpit.

The idea is to upgrade your existing set-up with haptic feedback, heightening the sensations delivered when gaming, but without the need for an entirely new cockpit or mounting something underneath it.

It makes use of eight individual haptic motors placed in what looks like additional back and tight support. This is then simply placed on a chair, adjusted with a set of straps and connected via either USB or audio jack (depending on the device) plus a power supply.

When used on a PC, software can be used to tweak the feedback accordingly to your preference, depending on the game in use. Potential feedback areas, such as gear changes, acceleration, braking and engine rpm, can be adjusted. On console, it’s audio effects only.

Next Level Racing HF8 haptic feedback, sim racing

It’s not just limited to sim racing either but is designed with first-person shooters and flight simulators in mind too.

Such a feedback pad does exist on the market already, the Realteus ForceFeel, but Next Level Racing acquired the technology and built upon it.

“Next Level Racing saw potential in the original Realteus pad, and our R&D team improved various components such as comfort and aesthetics of the product, internal components, overall quality and effects, and introduced our own software for more adjustability and refined effects,” said Hess Ghah, CEO of Next Level Racing.

Next Level Racing HF8 haptic feedback seat chair pad

“The HF8 was then further developed by Next Level Racing to also be fully compatible for users regardless of platforms or applications, including all gaming chairs, racing cockpits and flight simulators.”

Next Level Racing HF8 release date

Working across PC and consoles, the Next Level Racing HF8 it will be available within January 2023 through global retail partners.

Next Level Racing HF8 price

The Next Level Racing HF8 will cost €249 in mainland Europe, £229 in the UK, $229 in North American and $399 in Australia.

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