New rFactor 2 update improves loading times

Ross McGregor

Studio 397 has announced a new rFactor 2 build featuring a range of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The standout item in the v1.1126 changelog for fans of the PC sim racer is undoubtedly the ‘Optimizations to Game Loading and Series switching’, as well as improved texture and shader loading times.

Another long-standing bug to be fixed following the update is the resetting of audio effects to one. To fix this, the default minimum value has been locked to 32. Although it seemed like a minor issue, when it happened in-game it created a significant break in immersion, causing the player to miss vital audio cues in engine rpm and kerb strikes.

Although no concrete information has been released by Studio 397 on how much track loading times have improved, I did a little impromptu test using the Bentley Continental GT3 in solo practise sessions at Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit and Nürburgring GP. Post-update, and on my modestly-specced gaming PC with graphics set to Ultra or Very High, it took 1 min 34s for me to load up and hit the track at Nürburgring GP, while Silverstone took 43s.

However, on my second attempt these numbers dropped to 47s and 32s respectively, so a huge jump. Although this is based on my own findings and it may differ for other people and PCs, hopefully it shows some of the progress the development team has made recently.

But, if you compare this to rFactor 2’s biggest GT3-sim rival, Assetto Corsa Competizione, the figures drop to 9s for both tracks. It’s clear there’s still a way to go, but this is still encouraging progress from the rFactor 2 developers. See all the new additions below:

rFactor 2 1.1126 changelog:

Game Loading

  • Optimizations to Game Loading and Series switching.
  • Optimizations to Texture Loading.
  • Added the ability to load cached track files from the component to improve loading times.
  • Improved shader loading and added pre-built shader cache to improve loading times.


  • Fixed an issue where Exaggerate Yaw would default to -80%
  • GFX
  • Minor pass on cloud texture balancing.
  • Adjusted PFX settings to allow for more exposure in low light conditions.


  • Updated minimum number of audio effects to 32.
  • Fixed: Number of audio effects sometimes resetting to 1.
  • Fixed: Audio cutting out after changing force feedback settings.


  • Updated ModDev to save and load CBASH and RRSHD files into track folders so that they can be packaged with content.
  • Detect if VisGroups affect collision and log this occurrence and in ModDev only show a pop up.
  • Controller Profile Updates (General)
  • Set Exaggerate Yaw to 0
  • Fixed various missing ‘Clutch-In’ entries that had been deleted by accident
  • Fanatec Podium Wheel Base DD1/2
  • Default “Steering resistance type”:0,
  • Added pedal inputs
  • Thrustmaster T300RS Racing wheel
  • Fixed mappings

What do you think of the new rFactor update? Let us know in the comments below.

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