New RaceRoom REMUS GT3 Championship now live – Team Shmee150 vs Team Malmedie

Justin Melillo

The team for RaceRoom Racing Experience at Sector3 Studios has a new contest in store for members to compete in from the month of September through December in 2021. The REMUS GT3 Championship series pits two teams against one another for a chance at winning a piece of the €25,000 prize purse.

28 sim racers around the world, split down to 14 drivers per team, will qualify for the international sim racing battle. Races will be broadcasted by the SX Group, live from the SX Streaming Studio in Munich. There will be six international racing events on tracks around the world and each team will have their own specific livery to go to battle with.

Team Shmee150 is led by the popular automotive enthusiast YouTuber Shmee150 while Team Malmedie is named for German automotive television presenter and racecar driver Matthias Malmedie. The series itself is hosted by REMUS Innovation, a European performance sport exhaust company that sells parts for premium sports cars.

The competition is live now. It is important to note, however, that participants can only choose to qualify for one or the other. Names found on both leaderboards will be deleted, so racers will have to choose wisely.

As it stands right now, the Team Shmee150 is qualifying at Watkins Glen Int’l, the GP layout, while the Team Malmedie folks get to qualify on BRNO’s GP layout. Check out the competition details over on RaceRoom and stay tuned as we continue to gather more information on this contest.

Images thanks to Sector3 Studios

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