New MotoGP 21 update adds revised bikes and new features

Thomas Harrison-Lord
New MotoGP 21 update adds revised liveries and new features

The MotoGP 21 update roadmap is so far delivering game improvements as promised, as a new patch has provided many fan-requested additions.

Leading the way is a visual improvement to all the top-class riders and motorcycles, aligning them with the 2021 season. To be clear, all the riders and teams from this season were already in the game from launch, but since then the small livery and bike specification tweaks that have been implemented in the real world are now replicated in the game.

MotoGP 21 Automated Long Lap Penalty

The Long Lap Penalty system was a new addition to the game series this year, and one that can be a little bit tricky for those new to the concept. Now, the option of having the AI (Autodrive) take control through the tight penalty loops is available, akin to an automatic pitstop in the F1 games. It works well, but in our initial testing, it’s very slow. Hey, at least it doesn’t crash, so that’s an improvement over my attempts!

There is also now an editable camera angle. Within the pause menu, a new option has now appeared that allows you to change multiple cameras parameters from the field of view, distance, height and even effects for each of the different angles.

MotoGP 21 Editable camera angle settings

Elsewhere, three more patterns have been added for the custom suit designs, the AI rival behaviour has been updated and the performance of your management Junior Team within the Career Mode has been refined.

The 2021 bike updates and automated Long Lap Penalty are significant upgrades, which will hopefully appease serious MotoGP fans and casual players alike. The latest update is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC (Steam and Epic Games Store), but not for the Nintendo Switch. We’ll keep you updated with more MotoGP 21 news when it happens.

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