NEW Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate+ available now

Justin Melillo

A popular, high-end choice for professional sim racers, Heusinkveld Engineering announced on Wednesday the addition of a new set of pedals on the market. They’ve been teased for a few days now, but now we know how the puzzle pieces fit together for the announcement.

The Sim Pedals Ultimate+ powered by SmartControl has a lot to offer for the feet area of sim racing enthusiasts. Boasting hydraulic damping for each individual pedal, as well as “custom made elastomers for a progressive brake feel” and “load cell sensors coupled to Heusinkveld SmartControl software for an instant and accurate response,” the new kicks are some of the most advanced on the sim market.

All of the pedals feature all-new electronics. SmartControl is the new feature included with those electronics. That allows for “instant mapping of non-linear pedal output curves, pedal deadzones and brake pedal force”.

Constructed from solid stainless steel, the pedals are all unique from one another in functionality.

The throttle features a one-way hydraulic damper with load cell technology for a smooth, realistic, and accurate representation.

The brake pedal can take forces up to 140kg with a 200kg load cell embedded. It features progressive brake resistance, or a concave force curve, and has a two-way hydraulic damper which “resists speed at the ingoing and outgoing stroke just as experienced in actual brake assemblies.”

The clutch also has a two-way hydraulic damper which “feels lighter towards the end of travel”. They feature a regressive spring mechanism as well, so once more, a realistic simulated feeling from the comfort of your own home.

There’s also this fancy electronic box that controls the whole thing. “A custom made 12-bit USB controller, which works with Heusinkveld SmartControl software.”

The 3 Pedal Set will set you back €1,098.35 per the Netherlands’ company website. A no-clutch option exists for €891.74 and the clutch separately is €206.61. You can mount these pedals on your own terms, but there is also a baseplate available for €77.69 in either silver or black.

There will be more coming down the pipeline from the company in the next week or so regarding upgrade kits. Stay tuned for more on that.

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