New Heusinkveld Rest Pedal takes the strain out of sim racing

Heusinkveld’s Rest Pedal has been unveiled, adding a helpful footrest to its lineup of sim racing peripherals.
Heusinkveld Rest Pedal

Heusinkveld, the Netherlands-based sim racing peripheral manufacturer, has publicly unveiled a new product today (12 June 2024), adding the Rest Pedal to its lineup of professional-grade products.

The thinking behind the Rest Pedal is to give sim racers somewhere to rest their left foot on long straights (with the 24 Hours of Le Mans this weekend Heusinkveld’s timing couldn’t be better), with compatibility guaranteed for both Heusinkveld’s Ultimate+ and Sprint Baseplates.

However, there’s a big caveat: the Rest Pedal will only fit on two-pedal Sprint and Ultimate+ setups.

Heusinkveld Rest Pedal

So, if you have a clutch fitted to your Heusinkveld pedal set you’ll either have to do without the Rest Pedal or mount it to your sim rig’s baseplate. In that case, Heusinkveld urges customers to double-check that the Rest Pedal will fit before purchasing.

Constructed from 4mm-thick stainless steel, the Rest Pedal matches the attractively functional aesthetic of other Heusinkveld products and features 30 degrees of adjustability to suit any sweaty left foot, with extra positioning possible courtesy of large mounting apertures.

Heusinkveld Rest Pedal
No room for a clutch then…

It should be a sturdy piece of equipment based on Heusinkveld’s previous products (this writer owns a set of Sprints and a Heusinkveld Sim Handbrake and is very impressed with their robustness) and the €88.26 cost ensures plenty of customers will be willing to add the Rest Pedal to their rig.

Is the Heusinkveld Rest Pedal something you see yourself needing for endurance sim racing? Let us know on our Discord server.

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