New car out now for Inertial Drift, further additions coming soon

New car out now for Inertial Drift, further content coming soon

One of the more unique racing games out there, Inertial Drift captured our imagination with its slick visual style and handling model that utilised both analogue sticks to control a drift.

Releasing on PC (Steam), PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch towards the end of 2020, Inertial Drift is now firing back into life with a slew of new features, vehicles and even a new platform.

New Roton 7D SUper car Inertial Drift

As of Tuesday 5th October 2021, the game will be available via the Epic Games Store for PC players. There’s also a new patch available today on all platforms that adds a new car – an upgraded version of the Roton 7D, which sits within Class B and features updated handling.

The development team, Level 91 Entertainment, is also promising one free new updated car per month across the next four months.

It’s not just new cars, as the online leaderboards have received an update too. The existing system based upon class still exists, but now you can compete with car-specific result tables too.

Finally, there’s also the tease of further new features and content to come. Count us all kinds in – we’re very happy to see this gem receive more updates! If you are too, let us know in the comments below.

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