Most-watched sports Twitch streams include Trackmania, iRacing in 2022

Justin Melillo
The Streams Charts 2022 analysis of Twitch concluded with both Trackmania and iRacing in the Top 10 of most watch sports category streams.

Once again, the folks over at Streams Charts have gone and calculated some of the top categories broadcasted over on for the entirety of 2022. In the ‘Sports’ category, racing games have once again made an appearance with both Trackmania and iRacing landing in the Top 10.

The category is led by the FIFA fanatics, with both FIFA 22 and FIFA 23 taking the first and third spots on the list, respectively. A general ‘Sports’ denomination split the difference in second while the football (soccer) craze continued with Rocket League, that fun little soc-car game we cover, taking fourth overall.

As far as the two racing game titles, Trackmania took the eighth overall spot on the list and iRacing was tenth. The report from Streams Charts attributes a majority of the viewing hours to Twitch Streamer ‘Wirtual’, who amassed 6.58 million hours of viewing of Trackmania’s 29.7 million hours total.

Rounding out the Top 10 list, iRacing once again finds itself among the top streamed titles for the third straight year, while Trackmania returns for its second. Back in 2020, iRacing jumped onto the charts in tenth and rose up to eighth in 2021.

Now behind titles such as Sports in general, as well as Poker (really?), and still behind those FIFA games, the NBA 2K games, and Chess (REALLY?!?), iRacing falls back to tenth but still on the list. No offense to the Poker and Chess players out there, but I can’t believe we are even counting these in the sport section.

2021’s chart had Formula 1’s annual title, F1 2021, on the chart down in ninth. The successor, F1 22, was not found on this year’s charts. Now with EA Sports together with Codemasters, we didn’t even feel this title was good enough to place as one of our Top 5 titles in 2022. It seems the Twitch community agrees.

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While there was no attribution to iRacing like Wirtual was to Trackmania, digging into the last 30 days of iRacing streams on the same database website showed that the current charge is led by Heikki360ES as the top current iRacing streamer.

The first page also saw familiar channels like Borja Zazo, Stradi, Quirkitized, Tony Kanaan, Casey Kirwan and even BottomSplit attributing to the current viewership.

iRacing was down from last year’s total, at 17.03 million as opposed to 2021’s 19.72 million. Trackmania, on the other hand, increased YoY from 25.62 million hours watched to the aforementioned 29.7 million.


It can be said though that among all the games that would be considered sports, such as Madden NFL, MLB The Show or even something like PGA Tour Golf, iRacing and Trackmania were more sought out to watch than any of those. FIFA and 2K continue to reign supreme though.

SOURCE: Streams Charts

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