LEGO 2K Drive’s second Drive Pass compliments new multiplayer modes

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Following the addition of ranked online multiplayer and a fresh 3v3 mode comes another 100 tiers to progress through.

Following on from the first Drive Pass season for LEGO 2K Drive that included some Fast & Furious unlocks, Season 2 ditches the film tie-ins, but still continues the relentless trinket unlocks.

The pass system follows a familiar template in the open-world brick-smashing driving game, with free and premium tiers of XP-fuelled levels unlocking cosmetic customisation items.

LEGO 2K Drive Drive Pass Season 2 2023 rewards

There are also complete vehicles to earn, such as the pig-like ‘Oink’ at free tier 45 or the Drift Truck at premium tier 93. In all, across the 100 tiers, 22 free and 103 premium reards can be unlocked. 11 new vehicles are included in the premium tier.

LEGO 2K Drive Drift Truck

It follows the recent addition of two new multiplayer game modes, free to all:

Ranked Online Multiplayer

Surprisingly, you can now earn higher levels within the Play with Everyone online multiplayer modes. The leaderboards reset at the end of a ‘Heat’, which lasts for two weeks, with six heats per season. Unlike a ranked multiplayer that places you within races with comparative racers, however, this is seemingly more of a ranking leaderboard for bragging rights and the ability to unlock in-game rewards.


Brick Brawl 3v3

Alongside the ranking system, there’s been a new online game mode too, Brick Brawl. It’s a battle mode, where you use power-ups to destroy rivals. It can also be played 1v1 in local split-screen.

The new game modes are live now, with Drive Pass Season 2 also starting 13th September 2023.

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