Lamborghini Esports: The Real Race 6, Nurburgring Results

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Lamborghini Esports: The Real Race 6, Nurburgring Results

The sixth race event of the 2021 edition of The Real Race presented by Lamborghini Esports took place over the 19th September weekend. Once again, the EMEA region was on display as the series went to the Nurburgring in Germany.

Utilizing a smaller 17-turn section of the gigantic racing facility that is the Nurburgring, the drivers set out for their second endurance races of the 2021 season. Instead of two shorter races, the endurance events take two hours to complete and offers a larger sum of points throughout the standings.

As it’s been all season, qualifiers were open beforehand to get the 20 best in each region entered into the event. After closed qualifying the day before, the dual races per region took place on Sunday. APAC ran first, the EMEA group second, and NALA would run later on in the day.

The full results are available on The Real Race website. The series utilizes the Assetto Corsa Competizione platform.

EMEA NURBURGRING: Sherratt untouchable again

Once again showcasing the EMEA region during the livestream, the two hour race at the Nurburgring wound up another episode of the Jordan Sherratt show. Sherratt’s qualifying lap was nearly a half of a second faster than his closest competitor during the entire event, Gianfranco Giglioli.

As the field took off, Jaroslav Honzik found trouble early as he wound up facing backwards after contact as the field passed by. Sherratt was gone at that point as the rest of the field continued to duke it out. The action got physical at many times.

Drivers such as Taariq Adam, Minguet Brice and Barnabas Fazekas earned time penalties through the first stint for their roles in incidents. Fazekas wound up with heavy damage early on and had to deal with that for the entire event.

Sherratt’s pace was unbelievable in the greasy, somewhat slick conditions. There was light rain falling, but compared to the other regions’ races, the most laps were run in the EMEA race. Most drivers planned on a total of 59 laps as that was the expected distance, but Sherratt started an extra 60th lap before the white flag flew.

Brice wound up needing an extra pit stop in the final laps, losing a lap to the leader in the process. Meanwhile, Leo Boulay was dosed with a terrible ending as his car quit in the final minute of the race. Instead of a Top 10 finish, Boulay ended up 18th, the last driver still running in the race. Eight drivers completed all of the laps, but Sherratt did it faster than anyone else, winning by over 35 seconds.

EMEA Nurburgring Endurance Race Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Jordan Sherratt60121:07.675
2Gianfranco Giglioli60121:43.594
3Tommy Razeyre60121:51.937
4Luke Addison60122:03.687
5Van Akelijen Loïc60122:04.629
6Beniamin Baumann60122:09.594
7Jaroslav Honzik60122:14.813
8Luca Tavernari60122:42.088
9Mathys Leitao59121:13.664
10Minguet Brice59121:19.208
11Ferhat Düdükcü59121:24.297
12Fabio Calandrino59121:31.709
13Heikki Hytönen59121:32.614
14Gábor Sárosi59121:51.033
15Florent Panès59122:02.972
16Barnabas Fazekas59122:04.903
17Romain Lippens59122:28.547
18Leo Boulay58118:41.815
19Taariq Adam4287:54.741
20Carlo Barberi613:34.232

Once again, there was no Kevin Siclari, Tinko van der Velde or Martin Kadlečík in the event. Siclari still holds on to the second spot despite missing two races, but now Sherratt has a 123 advantage leaving Germany.

Third place finisher Tommy Razeyre moves up to fourth overall, just ahead of Kadlečík, but is still 176 points behind Sherratt, a seemingly unobtainable amount to overcome.

NALA NURBURGRING: Hendrickson back on top

The last time out, Fidel Moreira was able to win both races at Zandvoort. It was originally shown that he was still behind William Hendrickson in the standings, but after things updated, it showed he was in the lead.

Now, things are heating up for the top spot overall. In Germany, Hendrickson was back to his winning ways once more. Hendrickson barely edged Moreira by 0.045 seconds for the top spot, and after two hours of racing, it could be all that made the difference.

While Hendrickson completed 59 laps in just under two hours and 50 seconds, Moreira was relegated back to third as Gabriel Felipe was able to get in between the two. Moreira still completed all 59 laps as well, but he was more than a full minute behind.

NALA NURBURGRING Endurance Race Results

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1William Hendrickson59120:49.864
2Gabriel Felipe59121:19.309
3Fidel Moreira59121:55.155
4Brian Kannappan59121:55.804
5Eric DeBon59122:03.738
6Diego Cargnin59122:16.926
7Ryan Woodrow59122:24.711
8Jonthan Clifford58120:53.733
9Sebastian Gonzalez58121:25.887
10Andres Antonio Castro Beltran57121:37.679
11Federico Pagliardini56122:29.444
12Bruno Mota47120:57.033
13Daniel de Oliveira3879:28.394
14Lincoln Miguel3369:50.184
15Jacob Aspey1531:37.859
16Vinny Oliveira Leão1326:41.148

If the points are correct this time, the battle is as close as ever. Moreira holds on to a three points advantage over Hendrickson with only four race events to go. Felipe isn’t out of the picture, though, as he sits 47 points out of the lead back in third place.

APAC NURBURGRING: Rayton outlasts O’Hara

Only 11 drivers in the APAC region put down a lap, with the top and bottom driver separated by more than four seconds. Even worse, only nine of those drivers took the green flag on Sunday for the sixth race of the season. The lowest car count by far in any region so far this season, but the points couldn’t be closer between a couple of the competitors.

Andrew O’Hara started on the pole position, but it was Terry Rayton who took control and went on to win in the short field. O’Hara held on for a runner-up finish, but he was nearly 32 seconds behind Rayton when it was all said and over with.

Championship contender Egor Ogorodnikov had a dismal day in Germany. After starting in second, he fell down and finished in fifth. While he does continue to lead the standings by a single point over Gary Huang, who did not start, and four points over O’Hara, there are still four events to go, and now Rayton has a say, only 48 points out of the top spot in fourth.

APAC NURBURGRING Endurance Race Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Terry Rayton59120:15.564
2Andrew O’Hara59120:47.414
3Davlish Singh59121:47.617
4Yoku Suzuki59121:54.743
5Egor Ogorodnikov59122:10.761
6Sam Bugden58121:16.671
7Sergey Mironenko58121:57.135
8Denis Sakharov58122:15.612
9Paul Yeung53117:01.337

The next race event will take place at the Catalunya on 3rd October. Open qualifiers will start on 27th September and will end 1st October. Only four events remain in the season now. This event will have a sprint and feature race for all regions. Check out the full EMEA region broadcast down below.

Images thanks to The Real Race.

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