Lamborghini Esports: The Real Race 4, Kyalami Results

Justin Melillo

The fourth race event of the 2021 edition of The Real Race presented by Lamborghini Esports took place over the 8th August weekend. After the NALA and APAC regions got their own live streams for Laguna Seca and Suzuka respectively, the EMEA region was on display for the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit. All three regions did compete. The full results are available on The Real Race website. The series utilizes the Assetto Corsa Competizione platform.

Kyalami is a 4.529-kilometer, 2.814-mile circuit in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. Built in 1961, the layout has seen many changes over its 60 year existence. The current configuration with 16 corners has been in play since 2015. Formula 1 hosted races at older editions of the track from 1967 to 1993. The venue currently hosts GT3 Racing.

As it’s been all season, qualifiers were open beforehand to get the 20 best in each region entered into the event. After closed qualifying the day before, the dual races per region took place on Sunday. APAC ran first, the EMEA group second, and NALA would run later on in the day.

EMEA KYALAMI: Sherratt dominates at home track

For the majority of the 2021 Lamborghini Esports The Real Race, Jordan Sherratt has been unbeatable in the Europe, Middle East, Africa (EMEA) region. Coming into Kyalami, the South African sim racer had a tremendous lead in the regional standings over rival Kevin Siclari after three rounds. The only driver to out run Sherratt was Martin Kadlečík at Laguna Seca. Thankfully for Sherratt, Kadlečík was not in attendance for this round.

Sherratt started on the pole position and led just about every moment that he could sans pit stops. Charlie Crossland played the long pit strategy in the first race in the region, but once he came in for pit service, Sherratt was back in control. Tinko van der Velde started up front in the first event but wound up outside of the Top 10 after contact with Taariq Adam. Adam received a five second penalty for avoidable contact and wound up in ninth.

EMEA Kyalami Race 1 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Jordan Sherratt2746:00.496
2Kevin Siclari2746:15.201
3Geon-Claude Grobler2746:17.936
4Michal Kopera2746:19.662
5Tommy Razeyre2746:20.304
6Charlie Crossland2746:23.106
7Luca Tavernari2746:23.408
8Beniamin Baumann2746:33.241
9Taariq Adam2746:33.348
10Minguet Brice2746:39.096
11Tinko van der Velde2746:39.577
12Jeanblanc Fabien2746:46.337
13Daniele Giacomelli2746:48.630
14Andrea Martelli2746:50.767
15Luke Addison2746:51.513
16Van Akelijen Loïc2746:54.477
17Simone Bisoglio2746:58.630
18Ayrton Contreiras2747:02.271
19Dimcescu Cristian2747:22.977
20Dario Barzaghi46:57.021

The finishing positions from the first race set the grid for the feature. Sherratt and Siclari would start side by side once again, but Geon-Claude Grobler made moves early to get into second. The start was considerably cleaner than the first, but after a few laps, disaster struck for Siclari and Grobler.

Racing for the second spot, the two collided and spun off of one another. Grobler was able to get it back going again after losing a few spots, but Siclari dropped through the field like a rock. Grobler held on for a third place finish while Siclari wound up 13th at the end of it.

A victim of circumstances in the first race, Tinko van der Velde went on the war path to get back to the front in the second race of the event. After a mishap earned van der Velde a five second penalty, he was able to work his way up to the third position before pit stops. van der Velde held on a little longer and was the last to pit. The penalty didn’t affect his finishing position.

Michal Kopera was gifted a second place finish in the second race as he moved through into the spot after Siclari and Grobler’s issues early on. The clean air allowed him to put faster laps on the board, preventing van der Velde from getting by in the closing stages.

It was all Sherratt though, as he opens up his points lead to 73 points over Siclari.

EMEA Kyalami Race 2 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Jordan Sherratt3661:11.440
2Michal Kopera3661:27.936
3Tinko van der Velde3661:33.393
4Geon-Claude Grobler3661:46.056
5Minguet Brice3661:47.694
6Tommy Razeyre3661:48.752
7Luca Tavernari3661:50.812
8Taariq Adam3661:51.006
9Beniamin Baumann3661:51.358
10Luke Addison3661:53.403
11Charlie Crossland3661:53.968
12Jeanblanc Fabien3661:55.852
13Kevin Siclari3661:57.882
14Van Akelijen Loïc3662:04.247
15Simone Bisoglio3662:17.467
16Ayrton Contreiras3662:31.131
17Andrea Martelli3662:42.617
18Daniele Giacomelli3461:18.494
19Dimcescu Cristian3258:12.735
20Dario Barzaghi36:48.668

NALA KYALAMI: Hendrickson pockets pair of victories

William Hendrickson had a nightmare start to the season at Monza when he was forced to pull over before the green in the first race. Only collecting a few points in the feature that day, it’s been domination ever since. The dual winner at Laguna Seca and endurance winner at Suzuka, Hendrickson kept the momentum up as he swept the weekend at Kyalami.

Hendrickson took the pole for the event and won by multiple seconds in both races over Fidel Moreira. With the win, Hendrickson moves up into the top spot in the region. Moreira also jumps up to second around Gabriel Felipe who had an off race in South Africa, coming home fourth and eleventh in each race, respectively.

NALA Kyalami Race 1 Results

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1William Hendrickson2746:09.176
2Fidel Moreira2746:23.103
3Vinny Oliveira Leão2746:26.729
4Gabriel Felipe2746:27.057
5Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues2746:34.319
6Brian Kannappan2746:37.935
7Ryan Woodrow2746:38.360
8Diego Cargnin2746:39.542
9Alexis Moisan2746:52.703
10Lincoln Miguel2746:53.535
11Timothy Flammger2747:00.827
12Daniel de Oliveira2747:01.184
13Daniel VanderLinde2747:05.532
14Fernando Deutsch2747:16.471
15Olivier Racette2747:23.791
16Murilo Laba2747:24.392
17Sebastian Gonzalez2747:38.318
18Jonthan Clifford2545:54.573
19David Whaz2443:53.274
20Eric DeBon0DNS

NALA Kyalami Race 2 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1William Hendrickson3661:16.009
2Fidel Moreira3661:42.754
3Brian Kannappan3661:47.590
4Diego Cargnin3661:52.108
5Vinny Oliveira Leão3661:58.173
6Igor de Oliveira Rodrigues3661:59.553
7Timothy Flammger3662:05.425
8Murilo Laba3662:07.776
9Ryan Woodrow3662:09.114
10Lincoln Miguel3662:09.259
11Gabriel Felipe3662:27.612
12Daniel VanderLinde3662:30.865
13Fernando Deutsch3662:32.883
14Sebastian Gonzalez3662:52.742
15Jonthan Clifford3561:32.647
16David Whaz3561:56.490
17Olivier Racette3562:27.139
18Daniel de Oliveira916:48.285
19Alexis Moisan712:57.129
20Eric DeBon0DNS

APAC Kyalami: O’Hara gains ground with double win

The featured race at Suzuka was the Asia Pacific region where fans were treated to a last lap brawl between Andrew O’Hara and Egor Ogorodnikov. Ogorodnikov crossed the line first, but race officials handed a 15 second penalty for avoidable contact on the last lap, handing the endurance win back to O’Hara.

In Kyalami, O’Hara was able to make massive gains on a struggling Ogorodnikov when it was all said and done. O’Hara went on to win both races from the pole position with Gary Huang finishing in second in both races. Ogorodnikov qualified fourth but wound up finishing 15th and 17th in each race, respectively.

Ogorodnikov still leads the standings over Huang, but only by five points through four events. With the double win, O’Hara moves up into third place, 32 points behind the leader.

APAC Kyalami Race 1 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Andrew O’Hara2746:07.469
2Gary Huang2746:15.052
3Daniel Tan2746:25.754
4Terry Rayton2746:26.105
5Lukas Birss2746:36.560
6Davlish Singh2746:39.564
7Udit Sen2746:40.732
8Andika Rama Maulana2746:41.219
9Scott Blair2746:44.259
10Sergey Mironenko2746:47.085
11Ali Khairudin2746:52.095
12Javier Lai2746:53.050
13Daniel Hunter2747:00.389
14Brian Izadfar2747:00.940
15Egor Ogorodnikov2747:04.563
16JJ Wong2747:06.155
17Denis Sakharov2442:58.359
18Ivan Shermetinskii2035:25.393
19Nigel Chuah713:10.303
20Alberto Pagat01231:23.647

APAC Kyalami Race 2 Results 

PosDriverLapsBest Time
1Andrew O’Hara3661:15.751
2Gary Huang3661:23.581
3Terry Rayton3661:29.121
4Andika Rama Maulana3661:31.477
5Udit Sen3661:33.513
6Denis Sakharov3662:04.678
7Davlish Singh3662:05.528
8Brian Izadfar3662:05.814
9Sergey Mironenko3662:09.231
10JJ Wong3662:26.759
11Daniel Hunter3662:37.006
12Lukas Birss3662:47.992
13Ali Khairudin3662:55.549
14Daniel Tan3662:55.861
15Javier Lai3561:51.039
16Scott Blair24:49.794
17Egor Ogorodnikov24:51.399
18Ivan Shermetinskii0DNS
19Nigel Chuah0DNS
20Alberto Pagat0DNS

The next race event will take place at Zandvoort on 29th August. Open qualifiers will start on 23rd August and will end 27th August. Only six events remain in the season now. Each region’s front runners are pretty well determined, but anything can happen with two endurance events with higher points still on the calendar. Check out the full EMEA region broadcast down below.

Images thanks to The Real Race.

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