iRacing’s Daytona 24 Hour FINALLY gets underway


Following server issues earlier in the day, the special event has finally started.

The top-split race started at approximately 18:24 UTC – over 5 hours later than the initially scheduled race time and almost 1 and a half hours later than the revised schedule offered by iRacing.

It has also been alleged that iRacing admins have been silencing critics of the service. This comes following chat bans being issued to top PESC (Porsche Esports Championship) after a brake dragging controvercy.

There is some good news for the affected drivers. iRacing have committed to offering all players that registered for the original session $5 in credit. This will apparently be credited to accounts by the mid-part of next week. Although $5 doesn’t actually buy anything in the iRacing store, we’re certain this will help make up for the issues to some extent.

With special events having a recurring theme of having major scheduling problems, it seems like this will need to become a priority for the company. Since iRacing operates a “game as a service” concept with monthly membership (in addition to fees for content), it’ll be particularly valuable for them to ensure their members continue with their comparatively expensive dues compared to their competition.

You can watch the first 6 hours of the event (top-split) broadcast live on 3rd party RaceSpotTV’s YouTube channel. is not responsible for 3rd party content

What do you think? Have you been affected by the delays and issues? Let us know in the comments or on our social media channels.

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