iRacing Season 3 2024: Everything you need to know

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The second significant update and content drop of the calendar year is here for iRacing subscribers, and there are significant changes to the platform alongside diverse content.
iRacing Season 3 2024 - Everything you need to know

The Season 3 2024 content and platform updates for iRacing are now available (4th June 2023) – and included are further rain options and a notable damage model expansion. Alongside quality-of-life changes, four new premium cars and three tracks are now available.

Here are the most important details for June’s iRacing release.

Images: iRacing

iRacing Season 3 2024 new available content

  • Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R
  • Ford Mustang GT3 (S650)
  • Street Stock Eagle
  • Street Stock Casino
  • Oswego Speedway
  • Sachsenring
  • Circuito de Navarra (base content)

New cars

There are four new vehicles available for iRacing this ‘drop’ – although one is a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

Two GT3 cars for road racers – one making its sim racing debut – and two street stocks for oval racers are now available to purchase.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R

A big-ticket item. The GT3-specification of the C8 generation Corvette simultaneously replaces the GTE ‘Vette (replaced as the ruleset itself was abolished) and the independently-created Callaway C7 GT3-R (as that was based upon the front-engine model) in the real world.

In simulation land, this is the first time this specification racing derivation has been made available.

There’s a naturally aspirated V8 engine in the middle and a GT3-spec aero kit around the outside. The car is used in many series around the globe, including IMSA, FIA WEC and it won a race recently at Circuit of the Americas in SRO’s GT World Challenge America.

iRacing Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3 R

Ford Mustang GT3 (S650)

A rival to the Corvette on track, and also competing in several of the same championships, the latest generation Mustang also made its GT3 debut this season.

Unlike the Corvette, this version did appear first in a different sim racing platform, but it’s still a rare sight.

Developed in collaboration between Multimatic, M-Sport and Ford Performance, while its profile and engine placement are radically different to the Corvette’s, its pace should be similar.

Two American GT3 cars, adding variety to a field otherwise generally dominated by European manufacturers.

iRacing Ford Mustang S650 GT3

Street Stock Casino and Eagle

If you purchase either of the latest Street Stock cars – Casino and Eagle – then you receive the other. Neat.

The existing Street Stock still exists too as base (included for subscribers) content, but these two new additions add further options for drivers. Performance is said to be equal across the three.

In effect, then, these are two option ‘bodies’ for the existing formula, which is popular as a rookie C-class vehicle for short ovals.

New tracks

But what are new rides without new venues to visit?

Consequently, three fresh circuits are now also available for iRacing, and (in our opinion), they perfectly align with the new cars.

Oswego Speedway

Contrary to popular belief (or perhaps ignorance on my part), Watkins Glen isn’t the only racing circuit in the state of New York. Oh no.

Turns out, there are more dirt tracks than laps in a NASCAR race in the Mid-Atlantic state, plus Riverhead Raceway with its figure-eight layout (!) and then there’s the diminutive Oswego Speedway.

Located near the Canadian border, this diminutive 5/8 mile oval was built in 1951, before being paved in 1952. It’s this asphalt configuration that is now available for iRacing users – although a version with dirt placed on the top is in development and set for a later release too.

iRacing Oswego track


Perhaps best known for its motorcycle racing – it has hosted the German round of MotoGP since 1998 – the Sachsenring used to be almost entirely different.

Up until 1999/2000, the second half of the eastern venue visit different areas, particularly prominent in STW touring car races.

The current layout is the version currently available for iRacing, used for four-wheeled motorsport most prominently by the DTM.

iRacing Sachsenring

Circuito de Navarra

This Spanish venue up in the Navarre region is predominately used for testing and car launches.

It has been used previously for the likes of the SRO’s GT championships and Spanish championships, however.

It’s perhaps a lesser-known venue, which makes it mightily appealing to the cognoscenti like myself, but time will tell if it becomes a lynchpin of iRacing’s roster – we suspect it will be, as it’s included as base content for active members for no additional charge. Winner.

Fun fact – even though it’s in Spain, this venue is owned and operated by Jonathan Palmer and Sir Peter Ogden’s MotorSport Vision (MSV), predominately known for running circuits in the UK.

iRacing Circuito de Navarra

New Damage Model across all vehicles

Aside from the optional new content, iRacing has made a sweeping change to its damage system.

Chiefly, the ‘New Damage Model’ is now across every car. Previously this was not the case, now it is.

This sounds relatively simple, but no doubt a lot of work has taken place behind the scenes to make it happen. You now know with absolute certainty that you are not getting away with a meet-and-greet with concrete any time soon…

iRacing new damage model

Expanded rain roster

When the Tempest dynamic weather system, and therefore rain, arrived for iRacing earlier this year, it was eye-openingly realistic.

Water gathered into puddles based upon track undulations, the spray was so blinding you’d be forgiven for thinking you needed magnifying glasses to see the next corner and you could even get stuck on muddy grass.

Somewhat surprisingly, it was also across all road courses at launch. But, not all cars.

Now, with Season 3, the following further models are now ‘rain compatible’:

Aston Martin Vantage GT4


McLaren 570S GT4

Mercedes-AMG GT4

Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 GT3.R

Ford Mustang GT3

Global Mazda MX-5 Cup

Ligier JS P320

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)

iRacing Porsche 911 Cup 992 rain

Revised Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval layout

There is now a new version of the  Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval, specific to NASCAR. The main difference is the pitroad, which is suited to the stock car competition, as opposed to IndyCar.

Further tweaks

It’s worth noting that the new tracks and cars can be raced against the AI, and as listed above, the Mustang and C8 Corvette GT3s can be used if it rains.

While the team added wet-weather compatibility to the Porsche Cup car, it also updated the model to the “latest technical specifications”. Meanwhile, the NASCAR Truck Series trucks have been updated, thanks to NASCAR-supplied information and CFD.

There are a slew of smaller changes, and the full changelog is available on iRacing’s support pages.

As ever, ‘Week 13’ is currently underway with the new content, so you can race away without affecting your ratings. Then, next week, Week 1 of the competitive schedule begins.

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