iRacing Off-Road: Jarrett Liebert, Alex Bergeron split Wild Horse Pass victories

Justin Melillo
iRacing’s Off-Road Championship returns for 2023. In the seventh and eighth races of the 2023 season, Jarrett Liebert and Alex Bergeron were victorious.

It was the tale of two very different races at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park on Wednesday night in the seventh and eighth events of the 2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series season. Marking the halfway point of this championship battle

While the first race still had its share of scrapes and bruises amongst the field, rookie Jarrett Liebert was purely dominant from the pole position. Starting alongside Killian Dall’olmo and ahead of the championship leader Keaton Swane, Liebert safely created a gap enough to start pulling away.

Swane played impeccable defense for the last step of the podium, increasing his points lead by seven points over the defending champion Connor Barry. Barry scored his worst finish of the season so far – sixth – but would invert to start in third for the next race behind Josh Fox on pole and Alex Bergeron alongside.

The second race was hectic from the drop of the flag. Wild Horse Pass only has four corners, and on the opening lap, it seemed that there was a flip in almost every single one of them. Fox, Swane, Josh Edmundson and more were all wrapped up in the chaos, but because there was so much, they were all able to gain some spots back.

Up front, there was no clear dominant force. Liebert, despite running the fastest lap of the second race, was mired back in traffic and had to settle for a sixth place in the second race. For the lead, it was between Bergeron, Barry and the rookie Joel Blewitt.

Barry, still seeking his first win of the 2023 season, was able to get alongside Bergeron for the lead, but before he could complete a pass, Blewitt was able to bypass them both. Eventually, Bergeron was able to get back by and Dall’olmo was able to get back up for his second runner-up finish of the night, with Blewitt taking third.

Barry took fourth, and with Swane’s misfortunes in the second race, he was able to gain back 10 points on the championship. The net result was Swane maintaining the lead into the halfway point of the season, but only now by two points over the still winless Barry.

Behind them, Liebert and Blewitt are within striking distance as well, the championship leading quartet now more than a race ahead of the rest of the pack, now led by Dall’olmo following his 100 point night with two second place finishes.

Next week is an All-Star event at Crandon Short, but points racing returns in two weeks with the first repeat track of the season, what was the season opener at Wild West Motorsports Park.

Wild Horse Pass Race #7 – Top 10 Results:

1125Jarrett Liebert [R]16 LAPS165055
225Killian Dallolmo+1.830 sec04852
332Keaton Swane+3.015 sec04649
4727Joel Blewitt [R]+3.581 sec04444
564Josh Edmundson+4.397 sec04242
641Connor Barry+7.127 sec04042
759Alex A Bergeron+9.665 sec03839
8912Josh Fox+10.354 sec03636
91415Nicholas Dachelet+11.019 sec03434
101620Tyson Miller+11.596 sec03232

Wild Horse Pass Race #8 – Top 10 Results:

129Alex A Bergeron16 LAPS125089
275Killian Dallolmo+1.106 sec048100
3527Joel Blewitt [R]+1.710 sec44690
431Connor Barry+2.387 sec04486
51210Jakob Rafoss+2.881 sec04270
6825Jarrett Liebert [R]+4.293 sec04095
7118Christopher Plumley+4.901 sec03868
81428Nicholas Welhouse [R]+5.069 sec03660
962Keaton Swane+5.390 sec03483
10112Josh Fox+7.766 sec03268

2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series Standings:

12Keaton Swane359LEADER258
21Connor Barry357-2078
325Jarrett Liebert [R]345-14247
427Joel Blewitt [R]338-21168
55Killian Dall’olmo275-84035
64Josh Edmundson272-87036
710Jakob Rafoss237-122044
715Nicholas Dachelet237-122124
920Tyson Miller221-138015
109Alex A Bergeron217-142114

2023 iRacing Off-Road Championship Series Schedule

128-JuneWild West Motorsports Park16 | 16
25-JulyCrandon International Raceway10 | 10
312-JulyBark River International Raceway11 | 11
419-JulyWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park16 | 16
All-Star26-JulyCrandon International Raceway – SHORTTBA
52-AugustWild West Motorsports Park16 | 16
69-AugustBark River International Raceway11 | 11
716-AugustWild Horse Pass Motorsports Park16 | 16
823-AugustCrandon International Raceway10 | 10
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