iRacing Fanatec GT Challenge – Porsche GT3R Red Bull Ring Track Guide Season 3 2021 Week 7 | Dave Cam

iRacing‘s Fanatec GT Challenge has been to many venues across the virtual globe already. Next up on the calendar is another famous racetrack that resides in Austria. Moving on to Week 7, if you’re driving the new Porsche 911 GT3 R in this series, you’ll be taking on the latest course that was released alongside it in the 2021 Season 3 build, the Red Bull Ring.

Originally the Österreichring, it’s been known as the Red Bull Ring since 2011. The current Grand Prix layout has been used since 2016, a 4.318-kilometer or 2.683-mile, 10-turn facility with high speeds, sharp corners at some points and winding corners elsewhere. This venue currently hosts Formula 1 and MotoGP, having also run DTM events in the past.

As it’s become our Monday tradition, we’ve got Dave Cam back for another track guide for this new car on this new track. At first glance, the course doesn’t look too difficult, but looks can be deceiving. A slow, methodical approach is the best medicine here if you want to learn how to get around this circuit consistently.

How wide should you take the apex? How far should you track out of the corner exit? What about pit entry and exit? Dave’s got you sorted on that and more in this week’s guide. Be sure to drop a like on YouTube if you gained any time, and check out the other track guides.

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