iRacing 2022 Season 3 Patch 4 released on 17th August

Justin Melillo
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The fourth patch for the current 2022 Season 3 build of iRacing dropped on Wednesday (17th August 2022) with some continuing updates for the PC simulation.

While there isn’t anything groundbreaking to report on, there are some helpful fixes, updates and additions that will be included the next time you fire up the program.

Most of the update looks to focus on the out of simulation priorities, mostly in the iRacing UI. The iRacing UI was introduced in beta mode back in 2018 and has been receiving quality of life updates constantly, especially since coming out of beta in 2020.

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This patch updates a few key functions inside of the UI, again, nothing groundbreaking but will be hopefully useful for fewer issues moving forward. Many of us who use the UI know that the program is far from perfect, but it has definitely improved and personally, I prefer it now over the iRacing Member’s Site.

Another tidbit from the release notes, not relating specifically to the simulation either, is that those still on the iSchedule App will need to switch to the official iRacing Companion App at the start of 2022 Season 4. Nothing immediately right now, but something to keep in mind.

As for the actual racing part, there was a fix added to the setup screen in the garage, the NASCAR NEXT Gen cars have update aerodynamics, and both Darlington Raceway and the new Indianapolis Road Course have gotten a few adjustments as well.

iRacing update adds laser scanned 2022 Indianapolis Road Course layout

It all can be found in the release notes from iRacing below. I’m slightly interested to see what these aero changes are to the NEXT Gen as that’s my most used iracing vehicle personally. We’ll see when the service goes back up later today.




  • Fixed an issue in Recent Results where the bottoms of the Car and Track text was being clipped.

Hosted Racing

  • Resolved an issue where the Hosted League Session modal would display an error if it was open when the session advanced from the “Pending” state to the “Launched” state.

AI Racing

  • Multiclass AI Season Session Results now properly display championship points based on car classes.


  • Character limits and informative errors have been added to League info boxes during initial creation and editing.
  • Fixed an issue where column headers could become misaligned with the correct columns when resizing the screen.


  • The tooltip profile of the last place finisher is no longer cut off. The “See Full Profile” button is always reachable.
  • The Race Results page now also shows class finishing positions for all multiclass sessions.

Friends List

  • The tooltip in the Friends List for the Steering Wheel icon now opens to the left instead of up. This way, long session names are no longer cut-off.


iRacing Companion App


  • Fixed an issue with setups that could occur when the minimum and maximum values of an allowable range were very close. When attempting to set a value above the maximum allowable value (or just below), it would set the value to the minimum value instead.


<Car Class> NASCAR Next Gen Cars

  • (ALL) – Aerodynamics packages have been updated.


Darlington Raceway

  • Track surface parameters have been adjusted slightly.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

  • (Road Course) – The oval outer catch fence position has been adjusted, and the brake markers and caution lights have been updated to fit the new positions.
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