Indie Racers Festival set to showcase the best of the scene this weekend

Indie Racers Festival set to showcase the best of the indie racing scene this weekend

The Indie Racers Festival kicks off today at 5pm BST, showcasing the best the indie racing genre has to offer.

A new and interesting venture in the world of racing games has been launched to promote lesser-known development studios and their creations. The Indie Racers Festival runs from 5 pm BST today (26th August 2022) until Monday 29th August at 5 pm BST.

A dozen indie development studios are showcasing a total of 31 racing games, with demos, prizes and sales on offer throughout the weekend. Streamers are also being encouraged to take part by playing a selection of games for their audiences.

Notable games added to the line-up of the Indie Racers Festival include Phaseshift, Classic Sport Driving and You Suck at Parking (the other participating games are listed below).

For more information on the Indie Racers Festival, visit its official website. Here, you can join the Indie Racers Festival Discord channel for up-to-date information on streamer schedules and game-specific chat.

Will you be taking part in the Indie Racers Festival? Are there any games that stand out for you? Let us know in the comments below.

Indie Racers Festival line-up

  • 45°
  • ANXRacers
  • Buggy Game
  • Car-Fu Helljam
  • Chair Racing Simulator
  • Classic Sport Driving
  • Drifting Kings
  • Eggcelerate!
  • Formula TOP
  • Gearshifters
  • Infinity Girl
  • Metric Racer
  • Neodash
  • Phaseshift
  • Pocket Wheels
  • Race Condition
  • Rallyallyally
  • Race Me Now
  • Rat Racer
  • RAYZE “Aim Racer”
  • Rich Neighborhood Racing
  • Riding Seas
  • Runner Party
  • Stealth Kart
  • Tristan Cole’s Pro Driver
  • TRF – The Race Factory
  • Turbo Force
  • Ultimate Godspeed
  • You Suck at Parking
  • Zeepkist
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