Hybrid functionality coming to rFactor 2 in 2023

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Electrically-assisted boost looks to set to make an appearance within rFactor 2 for the very first time in 2023.
Hybrid functionality coming to rFactor 2 in 2023

It’s been a long time coming, and there’s still a wait, but at last, hybrid systems look to be on the way for PC simulator rFactor 2.

The nearly ten-year-old simulation, while it has a detailed tyre model and changeable weather conditions, has never been able to replicate cars with a mix of internal combustion and electric motors. As the official simulator of Formula E it’s had electric vehicles for a number of years, but never hybrid.

Formula E's London ExCeL circuit coming to rFactor 2

The news comes from developer Studio 397, in a news post announcing the 2022-season liveries for the British Touring Car Championship content.

The BTCC went to a hybrid ruleset this season, and so far those cars in rFactor 2 have been of the 2021 variety. That’s set to change soon.

“For the initial launch of the BTCC cars, Studio 397 utilized the existing ‘Push to Pass’ feature within the sim, however, as we now get very close to realizing the full 2021/22 BTCC field, 2023 will see us take the opportunity to develop a fully fleshed out hybrid functionality for these cars,” read the statement by rFactor 2’s Community Manager Paul Jeffrey.

“The TOCA Hybrid system is something many of you have been looking forward to seeing, and trust us when we say, we can’t wait to get Hybrid in its many forms introduced into the sim as well!

We anticipate the TOCA Hybrid system, as well as the remaining BTCC cars will be introduced as part of the Q1 2023 content drop and update, so not long left to wait now…”

It sounds like not only the BTCC cars will receive the hybrid system – which allowed for up to 15 seconds of electrically-assisted boost per lap – but other cars in development will be electrified too, judging by the ‘many forms’ line.

Which hybrid cars outside of the TOCA package arrive is still under wraps, but there’s little doubt that as it enters a decade of active development, rFactor 2 will continue to evolve.

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