How Max Esterson plans to go from iRacing to F1 | Traxion Podcast

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Hear how the young American Max Esterson has gone from sim racing to a motorsport career on the latest episode of the Traxion.GG Podcast.
How Max Esterson plans to go from iRacing to F1, Traxion Podcast

Max Esterson grew up in New York City playing Formula 1 video games, and latterly, iRacing. He didn’t kart for a decade.

Yet, he’s racing, and winning, in GB3 – the UK’s premier single-seater championship, on the ladder to Formula 1. He aims to compete in FIA Formula 3 next season and has backing from the sim racing subscription-based platform.

If you’ve seen the Gran Turismo Movie, well Esterson is working the sim-to-real career, but without winning a reality TV show competition. Just raw talent, guile and passion.

In this episode of the Traxion.GG Podcast, Thomas Harrison-Lord is joined by Piers Prior – who is not only part of the Traxion family but co-commentates and co-presents the GB3 championship – find out what makes Esterson tick, his lofty ambitions and how iRacing has supported his efforts.

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