How LEGO 2K Drive redefines family driving games | Traxion.GG Podcast S6 E2

Hear Mark Pierce – Executive Producer and Emmanuel Valdez – Art Director, from Visual Concepts South, discuss the creation of their latest game, LEGO 2K Drive.
How Lego 2K Drive redefines family driving games | Traxion.GG Podcast S6 E2

We’re back, with a brand new season, and we have a lot coming up for you so thank you for listening!

Join Thomas Harrison-Lord, Editor in Chief of the Traxion.GG website as he speaks to Mark Pierce, Executive Producer and Emmanuel Valdez, Art Director, from developer Visual Concepts South.

In this episode, we discuss their brand new driving game, targeted at families: LEGO 2K Drive.

It’s open world, coming soon to both PC and console, features cross-platform online multiplayer, can be played online or via couch co-op and will hopefully appeal to a younger audience, but parents and grizzled racing games fans alike.

We’ve been hands-on with an early preview build of the game at 2K’s London offices recently, hence this discussion, but also our full preview in written and video form.

It’s quite the departure for 2K, who hasn’t been active in the racing game scene for several years, and developers Visual Concepts, who usually make the WWE and NBA games. But here, you will be able to understand how it hired a brand new team for this LEGO game, the first in a multi-title deal.

LEGO 2K Drive releases on 19th May 2023 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch.

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