How F1 22 will natively support the PS5’s DualSense controller

Thomas Harrison-Lord
The DualSense’s haptic feedback and adaptive triggers will both be utilised to a higher-degree than F1 2021, says Codemasters.
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While F1 2021 was released on the PlayStation 5 last year, its use of the DualSense’s unique haptic feedback and adaptive force-feedback triggers was more than a little underwhelming. This is set to change in F1 22, according to Senior Game Designer Steven Embling on the PlayStation Blog.

The controller will now alter its feedback left-to-right. For example, if you drive over a kerb with the left side of your car, there will be a rumble on that side of the gamepad and vice-versa. Impacts and debris strikes are also said to be simulated.

The left trigger will now increase its resistance should you lock up under braking, and the right will alter if you are wheel spinning.

The controller’s speaker will be used for your new race engineer, Marc, too, although we assume this use can be switched off should it not be to your liking.

Codemasters, albeit via its Cheshire studio, struggled to adapt to the DualSense’s features with DIRT 5, prompting a revision to its implementation, and with GRID Legends didn’t use its capabilities to anywhere near its potential.

For those who play with a gamepad, let’s hope F1 22‘s implementation is a worthy addition. We hope to go hands-on with the PS5 version soon.

GIF source: PlayStation Blog

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