Hooba-Dooba! Travel to the future with Hot Wheels Unleashed’s August DLC

Crystal Scuor
A McLaren 720S, a Packard and The Jetsons are all featured in the latest downloadable content drop for Hot Wheels Unleashed, available now.
Hooba-Dooba - Travel to the future with Hot Wheels Unleashed's August DLC

Just days after George Jetson’s official birthday, the latest Hot Wheels Unleashed DLC has dropped and features the flying car from the beloved animated sitcom, The Jetsons.

With its iconic lime green base and all-glass bubble canopy, the design was modelled after the 1954 Ford FX-Atmos. Ironic, since the cartoon is set in the future, of all things.

The Jetsons, Hot Wheels Unleashed

Taking it back even further, the August update includes a Classic Packard – the kind of luxury vehicle you’d find in a 1930’s gangster flick. Painted in vintage red with a brown covering and coach doors reminiscent of a horse-drawn carriage, the Packard is an elegant addition to your Hot Wheels roster.

Classic Packard, Hot Wheels Unleashed

Of course, it wouldn’t be a true monthly update without a McLaren 720S, right?

Produced in 2017 to the present, this shiny spectacle on wheels packs over 700 horsepower and will float across the plastic tracks with butterfly doors. The supercar comes in McLaren Orange and if you look closely, you may even see Daniel Ricciardo in the front seat… just kidding.

McLaren 720S, Hot Wheels Unleashed

Aside from the trio of vehicles, you can turn your Basement into a Hot Rod haven with a new Customization Pack.

Eight elements (two walls, two floors, one door, one decoration, one couch and one set of four posters) will be available and will even showcase the Bone Shaker, who made its Hot Wheels debut back in September 2021.

The pack will also include 3 special elements for your Unleashed Profile: One icon, one tag, and one background.

Hot Rod Customization Pack, Hot Wheels Unleashed

And lastly, the Super Dealership Module allows users to pick from three different levels to land on – which can be tricky, considering each level will activate a unique effect shown on the side of the building. But not every effect is ideal.

You’ll either be super-charged with speed or crawling slowly like a turtle. Timing is key.

Super Dealership Module, Hot Wheels Unleashed

The above DLCs are part of Hot Wheels Pass Vol.3 (purchase for £24.99/$29.99), with the August Monthly Update being the final instalment.

As always, each item may be bought separately for the below pricing.


  • Classic Packard – $0.99/£0.79
  • McLaren 720S – $0.99/£0.79
  • The Jetsons – $1.99/£.169
  • Hot Rod Customization Pack – $0.99/£0.79
  • Super Dealership Module – $2.99/£2.49
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