Hardcore 500cc 2 Stroke bike added to TrackDayR

Thomas Harrison-Lord
TrackDayR 500cc 2 Strokes update

One of the most serious motorcycle riding experiences has just become a lot more challenging, thanks to the addition of an old-school 500cc 2 Stroke bike.

TrackDayR, a motorcycle simulator available via Early Access on PC, has been updated and the new Grand Prix bike is the biggest addition. Inspired by classic racing motorbikes, it does not feature traction control, anti-wheelie control or even automatic throttle blips on the downshifts – this should be a handful.

Also arriving in this update is the first kind of tutorials for the title, in the form of on-screen prompts during gameplay and loading screens, something we felt is needed. From a physics point of view, steer joint simulation has been added and the animation for manual throttle blips for the new vehicle.

The game continues to evolve, so stay tuned to Traxion.GG for the latest improvements, view the full changelog below and listen to the latest episode of the Traxion Podcast with motorcycle content creator ROBO46.

TrackDayR Build changelog


  • 500cc 2 STROKES Grand Prix bike


  • Several bugfixing


  • Unity3D update on the last version
  • Photon update on the last version


  • NEW Real steer joint simulation
  • Leaning by contact
  • Contact point from curve


  • On-screen tutorials in game
  • On-screen tutorials during loading screen


  • Manual blip throttle on downshifting (if there isn’t autoblipper on the bike)
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