Halloween themed Festival Playlist unveiled for Forza Horizon 4 Series 41

Justin Melillo
Halloween themed Festival Playlist unveiled for Forza Horizon 4 Series 41

As we get closer to the next Forza game, we still have continuing Forza Horizon 4 festival playlists to look forward to. Series 41 takes on a Halloween-themed set of trials with a number of punny names included.

While there are the four seasons with their own separate prizes, there is a reward of a Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR for those who complete 80% of the entirety of the festival. Check out what each individual season has to offer below.

Summer is up first and offers a Skeleton Morph suit for completing 50% of the playlist. At 80% of the playlist, players can win an Alfa Romeo 155. Completing The Trial will earn a ‘hard to find’ RAESR Tachyon Speed from 2019. A ‘legendary’ horn, the Haunted House, can be earned by completing the Showcase Remix.

In the season itself, a ‘legendary’ Witch’s Nose can be earned by completing the Summer Games. Three ‘epic’ cars, the Porsche 918, the Lamborghini Murciélago and the KTM X-Bow, can all be won in this season as well.

In the Autumn playlist, 80% completion earns a Bugarri E8110. The Trial yields a ‘hard to find’ Jeep Gladiator. A ‘rare’ Audi RS 6 from 2015, an ‘epic’ Volvo Iron Knight, and a ‘legendary’ Pumpkin Hat clothing item can all be won in this season.

The Winter playlist offers a Ford VelociRaptor from 2019 for completing 80% of the season. A ‘legendary #1 Toyota Baja Trophy Truck can be won by completing The Trial.

The playlist offers a ‘legendary’ Witch’s Hat for completing the Winter Games event. A ‘hard to find’ Pontiac Firebird from 1958 and an ‘epic’ Volkswagen Class 5 Bug are also obtained in this playlist.

Finally, the Spring playlist offers up an Alfa Romeo 33S to those who complete 50% and a Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R for 80% completion. A ‘legendary’ Shelby Cobra 427 is earned by finishing The Trial.

The rest of the playlist has two ‘epic’ cars, the Ferrari 365 GTB4 and the Lamborghini Diablo SV. A ‘hard to find’ Ford Fiest RS is won by completing the Spring Games. Finally, the ‘legendary’ Koenigsegg Regera can be earned by defeating the Spooky Good Time event.

If you’re still playing Horizon 4 in anticipation for Horizon 5, let us know what your thoughts are on this latest festival playlist. Stay tuned here at Traxion for continuing Forza Horizon news.

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