GT Sport hits version 1.64 with latest update

Renault Gordini dirfitng

GT Sport has received an update this morning, following a period of tell-tale server maintenance in the early hours of the day.

Version 1.64 of the flagship racing game, which recently hit 9.5 million users, sees minor refinements that are mainly centred around the online Sport mode which is currently being used for an FIA Exhibition Series and private/public lobbies.

There’s only one small note, which is:

  1. Sport Mode & Lobby
  • Fixed an issue wherein the yellow flag would not display correctly in certain situations.
GT Sport Version 1.64

I’ve encountered this error before. In a lobby race with friends around the Tsukuba circuit, someone triggered a yellow flag during practice but despite the incident being cleared, the warning continued to be displayed for the rest of the session. Three Gr.4 cars received BoP tweaks too – the Lexus RC F, Jaguar F-Type and McLaren 650S.

It’s a good fix, but nothing to get excited about. Hey ho, another day, another tweak from Polyphony, another day where Gran Turismo 7 feels further away than ever…

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