Gran Turismo Movie has so far generated $22.7M ahead of general US release

Major markets still remain for its release, although Barbie and Oppenheimer still dominate box office sales.
Gran Turismo Movie has so far generated $22.7M ahead of general US release

Now, just to be clear, IMAX showings of the film were available around the original 11th August 2023 release date, before the general release was shifted in the United States to the 25th due to the SAG-AFTRA which prevents the main actors from promoting the title.

Meanwhile, markets such as the United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Australasia and Canada have already had their rollout of the Jann Mardenborough biopic.

David Harbour Gran Turismo Movie 02

According to Deadline, Gran Turismo: Based on a True Story raked in $6.3 million over the last seven days, down 37 per cent on its opening week. Then, it was the French market that led the way, with $2.3M of revenue alone. So far, the film is said to have generated $22.7m in total.

Alongside the US, the film is still yet to receive a general release in Brazil, China, Italy, Japan, Korea and Mexico.

Gran Turismo Movie Ligier

For context, and both films have been out at least three weeks longer, Oppenheimer has collected $718M globally and Barbie a staggering $1.28B. Yes, billion.

In our review, we found the racing scenes to be scintillating, but the supplementary characters to be one-dimensional. However, all of the Traxion team agreed that it was a huge win on the whole for sim racing and the racing game genre.

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