GeneRally 2’s next update set for end of September

Ross McGregor
Top-down racer GeneRally 2’s next update will arrive at the end of September, according to developer Curious Chicken Games.
GeneRally 2 August update, Truck

GeneRally 2, the cutesy top-down racer from Curious Chicken Games, will receive a new update later this month, it has been revealed, with an online multiplayer mode in the works.

In a recent developer blog, the developer has outlined its plans for the Early Access indie racing game, with fixes to AI and other minor issues coming in the game’s September Update. This comes fresh off the back of its August Update – which added two new tracks and a Truck vehicle – with regular monthly additions promised.

However, the headline-grabber is online multiplayer – a much-requested feature since the halcyon days of the game’s predecessor, GeneRally. 

GeneRally 2 August update, Truck

GeneRally pioneered online racing upon release. Although racing never took place concurrently between players, the game boasted small replay file sizes, enabling gamers to send their fastest race runs to admins via painfully slow dial-up internet connections. 

The files could be merged into a single ‘race’ to decide the winner, garnering thousands of online fans, making GeneRally 2’s online PvP mode hotly anticipated – especially with the addition of user-made tracks from the Steam Workshop. 

Curious Chicken Games also plans to add new objects to the game’s superlative track editor, alongside the ability to re-bind keyboard controls, with an updated UI to helping eliminate navigational bugs. 

As well as announcing GeneRally 2’s future path, a small hotfix has also been released, making adjustments to AI behaviour; including their consumption of fuel and rubber. New tracks and cars are also in the works but have yet to be confirmed.

GeneRally 2’s September Update will be available towards the end of the month, with the game currently available via Steam Early Access for €14,99 / $14.99 USD / £12.99. 

Are you looking forward to GeneRally 2’s next update? Let us know in the comments below. 

GeneRally 2 v0.4.893dd8a Early Access hotfix changelog 


  • This update fixes a few issues with the AI. It also includes various optimisations for and improvements to game systems. 


  • Improved AI’s ability to handle slides and hairpins. 
  • Adjusted how fuel consumption and tyre wear are calculated to make the system more equal between keyboard, controller and AI players. 
  • AI now knows not to wait for a full tank at the pits if it’s not needed to finish the race. 
  • Various improvements and optimizations for faster and more stable car physics. 
  • Various other optimizations. 
  • Smoother car movement by extrapolating approximate car position at render time. 
  • Small updates to French, Russian and English translations. 
  • General now has a brake light. 
  • Optimised the in-game UI’s performance a bit. 
  • FIXED: Height map no longer gets distorted when importing a GR1 track. 
  • FIXED: Wheels no longer clip through the car body. 
  • FIXED: In-game UI no longer has update delays under some circumstances. 
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