GeneRally 2

GeneRally 2, the legendary top-down racer returns

GeneRally 2, the legendary top-down racer returns

A sequel to 2002’s lauded top-down racing game, known for its track editor, is in the works, as GeneRally 2 is now available to wishlist.

Inspiring a generation of top-down racing games, 2002’s GeneRally was a pivotal release adored by a loyal fanbase. Now, a sequel is in the works.

The appeal of the original was the simple ways of modding the base platform, as one-six players raced around pixelated circuits in single-seater vehicles. Resources saved on the visuals were put into tyre wear, fuel usage, car damage and a native track editor.

GeneRally 2 Track Editor

Now, GeneRally 2 is on the way by Curious Chicken Games, and it’s available to wishlist now for PC via Steam.

Somewhat predictable, it’s once again a top-down driving title with a track editor. The latter will feature 12 different surface types and 43 objects to begin with, and creations can be shared online. There will be races against AI-controlled rivals, time trial or couch multiplayer. Online multiplayer is coming post-launch.

GeneRally 2 top down arcade racer

The aim is to provide something that’s easy to play but has hidden depth to the physics – simulating not just wear, but different drivetrain layouts such as front and all-wheel-drive.

A release date is not yet scheduled, but the diminutive team is asking for user feedback as development progresses via email surveys.

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