Full rundown: Forza Horizon 5’s January Festival Playlist, #FORDzathon

Forza Horizon 5’s January Festival Playlist celebrates all things Ford with #FORDzathon on tap starting 5th January.
Full rundown: Forza Horizon 5’s January Festival Playlist, #FORDzathon

There wasn’t a Forza Monthly stream this month, but we learned in December that Forza Horizon 5‘s 16th festival playlist will be the #FORDzathon, an ode to the American car manufacturer.

Events and rewards will be based around the Ford branding, with Ford puns in the titles galore. There are also going to be some Hoonigan-related pieces of content to get your hands on, which is tragically and unfortunately fitting with the sudden passing of the original Hoonigan Ken Block a few days ago.

The Ford festivities kick off on Thursday, 5th January. Here are the cars and other unlockables that await through the month of January.


There are a total of 240 PTS up fro grabs in the #FORDzathon Festival. To the players that collect a third of that, the ‘exclusive’ and ‘rare’ MG6 XPower is unlocked at 80 PTS total.

The Hoonicorn v2, an ‘epic’ car in it’s own right, is the big prize for the series at 160 total PTS. Given the current news, I think this is one that I’m definitely going to have to aim for this month.

There are only two Monthly Challenges which will give players up to eight PTS per season if completed early on. Those include Monthly Rivals with the Horizon Baja Scramble as well as Forza EV with the Emerald Circuit, both events requiring specific Ford vehicles to compete in.


The first season up is the Wet Season, Summer. At 20 PTS, the ‘common’ Megane RS 250 is unlocked. For 40 PTS, a ‘legendary’ car that’s normally ‘hard to find’ in the Hot Wheels Ford Dually can be yours.

It may be #FORDzathon, but there’s still the #FORZATHON Weekly and Daily challenges to partake in… although looking at it, they may as well be #FORDzathon challenges. The Weekly for the summer needs players to complete the challenges in a 2021 Ford Bronco.

Horizon Hall of Famers can get a ‘rare’ Ford Mustang S5 by completing The Trial in Summertime. There’s a ‘legendary’ Green Piñata Outfit to collect by completing the Alpine Heights Race Day Eventlab as well.

In the regular seasonal events, you’ll find your usual PR Stunts with winnable Super Wheelspins, but the Seasonal Championships offer up a ‘common’ 2015 Ford Falcon, a ‘rare’ Ford Capri MKI, and an ‘epic’ 1977 Ford Escort #5.

Summer has a Photo Challenge for #FORDzathon, this one needs a pic of a 1965 Ford Transit at the De Otro Mundo to unlock an ‘epic’ Ice Cream Van horn.

Other challenges in Summer include a Horizon Open, which unlocks an ‘epic’ Green XS Race Suit, as well as a Collectibles challenge where players need to smash 50 lanterns to unlock a ‘legendary’ musical reward in Nocturne by Keeno.


The second season, as usual, is the Storm Season in Autumn. 20 PTS will unlock the super cool and super ‘rare’ #20 MG MG6. At 40 PTS, players will get an ‘epic’ Ford Ranger Raptor to add to their collection.

More #FORZA/#FORDzathon challenges exist in weekly and daily form. For the weekly one, players will need the 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth in order to complete all the parts and earn those five PTS and 80 Forzathon Points.

The Trial for Horizon Hall of Famers unlocks an ‘epic’ Hooligan F-150 when completed. There are PR Stunts, so there are Super Wheelspins to earn. A ‘common’ 1940 Ford Coupe can be earned in Seasonal Playground Games.

As for the Seasonal Championships, things stay ‘common’ as the rewards are the 2014 Ford Ute, the 2003 Ford Focus and the 2018 Ford Mustang.

Another Photo Challenge requires a 2014 Ford Fiesta ST to be photographed at the Gran Puente. Those who complete it earn a regular old Wheelspin.

Unfortunately, that’s it in the form of challenges in the Autumn.


The temps drop but the rewards heat up in the Dry Season that is Winter in week 3 of the #Fordzathon Festival.

A ‘rare’ 2016 Renault Clio is yours for earning 20 PTS. The ‘epic’ 2005 Ford GT is yours at 40 PTS.

For the #FORZATHON Weekly, players will need the 2017 Ford F-150 Raptor to complete the tasks at hand.

A ‘rare’ Ford Mustang from 2016 gets added to any Hall of Famer’s collection by completing The Trial in the Winter. A ‘legendary’ Green Piñata Head is unlocked after completing the One-Eighty Hanger Run Eventlab.

More PR Stunts, more Super Wheelspins. In the Seasonal Championships, there is a ‘common’ 1993 Ford Mustang, a ‘rare’ 1977 Ford Escort, and an ‘epic’ Ford Supervan 3 to collect.

The first Treasure Hunt of the festival takes place in the Winter. “Ford Time Lucky” is the challenge and while there’s no car or item reward, players will get three PTS and 100 Forzathon Points.

As for the Photo Challenge, taking a snap of the 1986 Ford Escort RS Turbo at Guanajuato will unlock the ‘epic’ Fireworks car horn.

There’s also an ‘epic’ Ford Fiesta RS to claim for placing 30th or better in The Eliminator in this season.


The final season is the Hot Season, Spring. A ‘common’ 2010 Renault Clio is the reward for earning 20 PTS and the ‘epic’ #14 Ford Fiesta is the reward for earning 40 PTS.

You’ll need the 1977 Ford #5 Escort RS 1800 MKII to complete the #FORDzathon Weekly Challenge in the Spring.

Complete The Trial (if you’re in the Hall of Fame) and you can drive around in a ‘rare’ 1992 Ford Escort. Complete the Seasonal Playground Games (if you’re anybody) and you can drive around in the ‘epic’ Ford RS200.

The rest of the regular season includes three Super Wheelspins for three PR Stunts, and three ‘rare’ cars to unlock in the Seasonal Championships – The 2020 Ford GT500, the 1965 Ford Mustang and the 2011 Ford Raptor.

Just a Photo Challenge awaits for Spring, and unfortunately just a Wheelspin awaits whoever completes the task of snapping a 1965 Ford Mustang Coupe at Uxmal.


Two brand new cars and three returning to Forza cars (that were in previous titles) are included in this season to unlock, previously mentioned as rewards above.

Players can unlock the following cars that are in the title for the first time ever this month:

  • 2021 MG MG6 XPower (Earn 80 PTS in overall festival)
  • 2010 Renault Megane RS 250 (Earn 20 PTS in Summer)
  • 2020 MG #20 MG6 XPower (Earn 20 PTS in Autumn)
  • 2016 Renault Clio R.S. 16 Concept (Earn 20 PTS in Winter)
  • 2010 Renault Clio R.S. (Earn 20 PTS in Spring)

All the details of the new playlists and the new cars available can be viewed in the second part of December’s Forza Let’s ¡GO! episode, embedded below.

Source: Forza.net

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