Free RaceRoom Safety Car update available now

Ross McGregor
Sector 3 Studios has today released the Audi R8 LMS Safety Car to its free to play sim RaceRoom, for use in online racing leagues and races.
Free RaceRoom Safety Car update available now

Free-to-play sim RaceRoom Racing Experience has released a driveable Safety Car today (10th of May 2022), intended for use in online races.

Although the car will not be available to drive competitively online or against AI, it can potentially add a layer of authenticity to online ranked and community races. The Audi R8 LMS Safety Car can be driven by a race administrator to control formation laps, help initiate Safety Car restarts or intervene in the event of a track-blocking incident.

The Safety Car requires a slot on multiplayer servers but is not timed or scored by RaceRoom, so should not interfere in championship battles.

To claim the new Safety Car content, users must join the RaceRoom Discord channel and select the ‘SC Driver’ role. After this, players will receive a Code to be used via the RaceRoom portal, which can be redeemed by choosing ‘Redeem Code’ in the drop-down Wallet menu.

Although the Safety Car has been added, automatic formation laps and Full Course Yellow (FCY) functionality are still unavailable in the sim. This means all Safety Car operations must be conducted manually. Players can engage the Safety Car lights simply by mapping them to the ‘Flash Headlights’ key.

RaceRoom Audi R8 LMS Safety Car information:


  • The SC is not intended to be used in Single Player / with AI.
  • The SC is not intended to be raced against other SC’s
  • The SC driver will use a player slot on a MP server.
  • The SC does not add formation lap or FCY functionality to the game automatically.
  • Brief your drivers if you intend to use it.
  • The SC is not being timed/scored by the sim, so it doesn’t interfere with race standings.


  • Add the SC to the car selection when setting up the server.
  • To use the roof lights press the “Flash Headlights” key.
  • Collisions are enabled.
  • SC will grid between P1 and P2 on the starting grid of the race.
  • If you want a regular standing start and have the safety car simply available during the race, make sure “Delayed start from pitlane” server settings has a non null value. Then the SC driver should not click to grid before that timeout has elapsed. The SC will then spawn in the pitlane, ready to be used.
  • If you intend to use the SC during a race session, stopping the SC should be done inside the pitlane limits (the same lines as the speed limitations), engine can be turned off. ESC shouldn’t be pressed as you wouldn’t be allowed back.
  • SC driver needs to be doing at least the pit speed limit other wise he is ghosted.


  • Third party apps like OtterHud might not work correctly for the SC driver
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