Free Access to all RaceRoom Racing Experience content until 30th May

Justin Melillo
Free Access to all RaceRoom Racing Experience content until 30th May

From the 19th until the 30th of May, Steam users can try out all of the content on the RaceRoom Racing Experience free of charge. In general, RaceRoom is a free-to-play title on the Steam marketplace, but the majority of their content is not, and it’s those small car and track transactions that can add up.

Now, until just before the end of the month, if there was ever a car or track you wanted to give a try, or if you’re looking to get on to the platform for the first time, it is all available through their Free Access campaign. That includes over 180 different cars, more than 50 different race tracks throughout the world, and all of the modes, features and physics that RaceRoom has to offer.

This comes alongside a hefty update also posted today (19th May 2022). In the 1.8 GB download, a number of tracks were given some attention as well as some of the cars and the way they work. Check out the full changelog below.

Will you be trying out any RaceRoom content that you’ve been thinking about purchasing this week? Let us know what you’ve got your eyes on in the comments below!

Changelog and Update details:

Download size = 1.8 GB
Client version =
Client BuildID = 8768593
Dedicated version = 82.0.1372
Dedicated BuildID = 8769098

  • Controllers – Updated Thrustmaster SDK to v1.26
  • Controllers – Ensured older custom profiles for Fanatec CSL DD get the correct autotuning default values
  • Menus – Garage menu should now properly announce the duration of the race session in both time and laps left situations.
  • Brands Hatch – Updated to 2022 specs, resurfaced tarmac, new flags on pitbuilding, relocated walls on the right in turn 3, some various fixes and tweaks.
  • Lausitzring – Fixed collisions on tire walls corner blockers in Oval T1.
  • Nogaro – Extended the pit entry gate detection
  • Red Bull Ring – Fixed yellow sausage curbs not having collision
  • Aquila – Improved differential behavior, AI tune up, raised nose 5mm to reduce scraping, , improved engine heating/cooling behaviour
  • DTM 1992 car class – AI tune up, improved engine heating/cooling behaviour, improved tyre heating behaviour, equalised front/rear tyre wear, equalised AI/player tyre wear, reduced pneumatic trail for slightly reduced steering forces at high loads, tuned mechanical trail for consistent FFB across the cars, tuned ABS, reduced M3 power slightly to bring lap times into line
  • Formula RaceRoom 90 – Improved differential behaviour, improved engine heating/cooling behaviour, increased fuel use, improved suspension kinematics 
  • Formula RaceRoom Junior – Reduced fuel consumption, improved suspension kinematics, AI tune up, allowed more steering angle
  • Formula RaceRoom X-17 – Friendlier base setup, added power steering, suspension and tyre tweak to give more steering forces at low speed, less at high speed
  • Group 4 – Improved engine heating/cooling behaviour, AI tune up, longer final drive ratio for BMW at Spa
  • Procar – Longer default final drive ratio at Spa
  • Group 5 – Improved engine heating/cooling behaviour, AI tune up
  • Group C car class – AI tune up, differential improvements, improved engine heating/cooling behaviour
  • NSU TTS – Reduced fuel use, improved auto clutch starts, AI tune up
  • P2 car class – Suspension and tyre tweak to give more steering forces at low speed, less at high speed, improved engine heating/cooling behaviour, AI tune up 
  • Porsche 911 GT3 Cup + Enduro – AI tune up, engine heating/cooling behaviour improved, adjusted mechanical/pneumatic trail for more linear FFB behaviour, improved rear suspension kinematics, damper refinements, reduced diff preload, equalised player/AI tyre wear of Cup car
  • Porsche 911 RSR GTE – Engine heating/cooling behaviour improved, suspension and tyre tweak to give more steering forces at low speed, less at high speed, improved suspension kinematics, calibrated tyre wear rates for tyre compounds. Life expectancy now S: 46min, M: 77min, H: 175min, equalised AI/player tyre wear, differential behaviour improvements, damper tune up
  • Touring Classics car class – Reduced fuel use by 30%, longer final drive ratio for BMW M3 at Spa, AI tune up
  • WTCR cars – – Reduced pneumatic trail by 10% to reduce maximal steering forces, equalised player/AI tyre wear rate, updated AI tyre life estimate, improved engine heating/cooling behaviour
  • Assen TT Circuit – Increased AI speed into pitlane
  • Chang – AI speed decisions improved, calmed them down for turn 1 in first lap of the race, reduced AI enjoyment of curbs. 
  • Indianapolis 2021 – Updated fuel use estimates
  • Laguna Seca – AI line improved, Sanitized corridor around turn 1 to disallow cutting
  • Lausitzring – ADAC layout – Adjusted AI speeds around the first complex to solve some occasional spins and off-track events by the AI. 
  • Lausitzring – Oval T1 layout – Adjusted pit entrance path and corridor further
  • Nogaro – AI line improved, as well as pitlane AI pathing
  • Norisring – AI speed decisions improved
  • Mid Ohio – Short layout – AI line improved around T1 and T2.
  • Monza – Junior layout – flyby TV cameras added
  • Nordschleife – VLN and 24H layouts – AI speed decisions improved. Fixed a wiggle as cars joined the racing line from the pitlane.
  • Paul Ricard – 1A layout – AI line improved, as well as pitlane AI pathing
  • Redbull Ring – AI speed decisions improved
  • Spa-Francorchamps – Combined layout – Fixed pit entrance waypoints that were accidentally flagged as pit exit.
  • Suzuka – AI line improved, as well as pitlane AI pathing
  • Vålerbanen – Reduced AI speed in first chicane as some AI were having issues
  • Zheijang – East layout – Fixed game sometimes throwing invalid laps
  • Zhuhai – Sanitized cut track detections

Image via Sector3 Studios

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