Forza Horizon 5’s March Festival Playlist detailed, Horizon Wilds Takeover

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Forza Horizon 5’s March Festival Playlist ramps up for the upcoming Rally Expansion with the Horizon Wilds Takeover.
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Forza Horizon 5‘s 18th festival playlist begins on 2nd March, and this time, its a Horizon Wilds Takeover! To prepare us for the upcoming Rally Adventure Expansion, the team behind Forza Horizon 5 at Playground Games have put together a wild festival to hold us over.

Taking inspiration from the off-road racing world, there are a ton of Rally-type events and rewards ahead in the next four weeks. There are some new racing vehicles and a ton to unlock.


ds Takeover, polaris new vehicle

This Festival features two new-to-Forza off-road vehicles, the 2021 Sierra 700R and the 2021 Polaris RZR Pro. There are also five returning vehicles. Six of these unlockables are earned through getting points while one, Ken Block’s Ford Focus, is earned specifically through a Seasonal Championship in Summer.

Here are the cars:

  • 2021 SIERRA Cars 700R (NEW! 160 PTS during the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival)
  • 2021 Polaris RZR Pro XP Ultimate (NEW! 20 PTS during Winter Playlist)
  • 1980 Subaru BRAT GL (80 PTS during the Horizon Wilds Takeover Festival)
  • 2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX (Complete the Seasonal Championship “#43”)
  • 1986 Audi #2 Audi Sport quattro S1 (20 PTS during Summer Playlist – NEW! to FH5, returns from previous FH games)
  • 2015 Honda Ridgeline Baja Trophy Truck (20 PTS during Autumn Playlist)
  • 1985 Nissan Safari Turbo (20 PTS during Spring Playlist)


All players will be gifted a 1965 Ford ‘Hoonicorn’ Mustang as well as Ken Block’s race suit and helmet when the festival goes live. These rewards are redeemed in the Message Center in the game, under Gifts.

Forza Horizon 5 has also added a ton more in terms of Ken Block inspired accolades, and while the series isn’t specifically about him, there are a ton of Hoonigan-inspired events and rewards to unlock in this 18th Festival. You can check out all of the details on the Forza website.


Horizon Wilds Takeover, festival rewards

A total of 252 PTS are up for grabs across the four seasons, each season split to an odd amount at 63 PTS. Collecting 80 PTS over the seasons will unlock a ‘common’ but wacky machine that is the Subaru BRAT. At 160 PTS, Horizon players can unlock the ‘rare’ Sierra 700R.

8 PTS in each season can be utilized from the two Monthly Events, both of which are Monthly Rivals.


Horizon Wilds Takeover, Summer rewards

To kick things off in the Summer ‘Wet’ Season week of the Festival, we have two fantastic car rewards to go for by earning the necessary points.

For earning 20 PTS, the ‘exclusive’ and ‘legendary’ #2 Audi S1 is unlocked. Double that and get 40 PTS and the ‘epic’ BMW X6 M, which is also ‘hard to find’, is yours.

The #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge is “Ready to Hoon” and in order to complete the challenge, you’ll need a 1991 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford Escort Cosworth Group A. Man, that’s a long name, but putting that aside, it’s worth 5 PTS and 80 Forzathon Points as well.

Horizon Wilds Takeover, Summer Weekly events

For those in the Hall of Fame, The Trial can unlock you a 2018 Honda Civic. There are two Eventlabs, one which unlocks a Super Wheelspin, but the one before that will get you an ‘epic’ Hoonigan Group A as a reward.

There are three PR Stunts with three Super Wheelspin prizes. Jumping, Speeding, and Trailblazing, oh my!

There are also two Seasonal Championships. Instant Classic yields a ‘rare’ Ford Racing Puma as a reward. As mentioned above, the #43 Seasonal Championship unlocks the returning and ‘legendary’ 2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 9 Ford Focus RS RX.

Horizon Wilds Takeover, summer challenges

A Treasure Hunt exists in the Summer week – “Retro Skills to pay the Bills” is the name of it. Good luck finding the chest!

There is also a Photo Challenge, #WILDHORIZONS, and a ‘legendary’ song reward is unlockable here.

One last challenge exists in the Horizon Open, titled GO FAST, and a ‘rare’ Hoonigan Bel Air is the reward for completing a custom Horizon race in any Hoonigan.


Horizon Wilds Takeover, Autumn rewards

The Autumn ‘Storm’ Season block of events will also have 63 PTS up for grabs as well as a pair of ‘epic’ rewards for getting the right amount of points.

At 20 PTS, an ‘exclusive’ 2015 Honda Trophy Truck can be yours, and at 40 PTS, the ‘hard to find’ Hyundai Veloster N is obtained.

Once again, the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge involves some hooning, and this time they want you to BE A HOONICORN. You’ll need that super awesome 1965 Ford Hoonicorn Mustang to take on the challenges and earn 5 PTS and 80 Forzathon points.

ds Takeover, Autumn Weekly events

A 1973 Alpine A110 is up for grabs if you’re a Hall of Famer and you can take on The Trial in Autumn. A ‘legendary’ Car Horn in the form of the Horizon Mexico Intro is unlocked in the first Eventlab, while the second reveals a Super Wheelspin.

Speaking of Super Wheelspins, there are three more that can be gotten through PR Stunts again in Autumn. A trio of Seasonal Championships offer a trio of car rewards, including a ‘legendary’ Bone Shaker, a ‘rare’ 2006 Lancer MR and a ‘common’ (but still cool nonetheless) Toyota FJ40.

ds Takeover, Autumn Challenges

For the weekly challenges, there is no Treasure Hunt this week, but the Phot Challenge will be #GUANAHANA where folks will have to find the right mural, take a pic, and then unlock the “Time to HOON?” Forza Link reward.

There’s a neat, ‘legendary’ clothing reward for the Collectibles Challenge! A DINOSAUR OUTFIT?!? That’s what you get when you smash 20 Dinosaur Pinatas.


Horizon Wilds Takeover, Winter rewards

Into the third week, the Winter ‘Dry’ Season is up with two ‘rare’ off-road collectibles, and both are pretty neat.

The ‘exclusive’ Polaris RZR Pro, a new vehicle to Horizon, is unlocked at 20 PTS. At 40 PTS, the Xite Racing #42 Extreme E machine, which is ‘hard to find’ can be yours.

Continuing the Ken Block theme, the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge in Winter is Gymkhana Ten, which you’ll need the 2016 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford Focus RS RX to complete to earn those 5 PTS and 80 Forzathon points.

ds Takeover, Winter Weekly events

The Trail, named Trail Mix, will offer up an Audi Quattro to those Hall of Famers that can win. In the first Eventlab, an ‘epic’ Gymkhana 10 Focus is unlocked. The second Evenlab is just another Super Wheelspin.

There is a Seasonal Playground Games event, “On My First Whistle” and doing that will unlock a ‘common’ Jeep Gladiator.

After that there are three PR Stunts with three Super Wheelspins and two Seasonal Championships. The first unlocks a ‘rare’ Opel Manta 400 and the second unlocks an ‘epic’ BMW M3-GTR.

ds Takeover, Winter Challenges

There will be a Treasure Hunt in the Winter! Pouncing Pumas is the name, something about a big cats and Fords and rivers is the clue. Good luck!

There is also a Photo Challenge, another hunt for a mural with #HORIZONPULSAR, and a ‘legendary’ piece of clothing is the reward.


Horizon Wilds Takeover, Spring rewards

Finally, the Spring ‘Hot’ Season has two small rewards for those who are able to get the right amount of points. The ‘common’ but ‘exclusive’ Nissan Safari is unlocked at 20 PTS. The ‘epic’ and ‘hard to find’ MINI X-Raid is unlocked at 40 PTS.

The final #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge concludes a month of hooning with one last Ken Block event involving the Hoonitruck. You’ll need Ken’s 1977 Hoonigan GYMKHANA 10 Ford F-150 Hoonitruck to complete the challenge, earning 5 PTS and 80 Forzathon points for the store.

ds Takeover, Spring Weekly events

If you’re in the Hall of Fame, you can complete The Trial and add a Ford RS200 to your collection. You don’t need to be in the Hall of Fame for the rest of it, though, as anyone can complete the Eventlab that’s right after and grab that ‘epic’ Hoonitruck needed for the Weekly Challenge.

Four final Super Wheelspins – one in the second Eventlab and three in the PR Stunts – are here in the Spring. There are two Seasonal Championships as well, one which unlocks an ‘epic’ #65 Porsche 911 Desert and the other which unlocks a ‘rare’ Rally Fighter.

ds Takeover, Spring Challenges

A third Treasure Hunt happens in the Spring – Lancer-Lot is this one’s name, and another pun follows in the clue. Typical.

The #BUGGYATCIX Photo Challenge needs another Mural photo to unlock the ‘epic’ La Cucaracha horn.

Finally, by finishing 30th or better in The Eliminator, you can unlock a ‘rare’ Hoonigan Nova.


Forza Horizon 5 Stadium during Horizon Wilds Takeover

On Tuesday, 28th February, two days before the scheduled Festival goes live, an update to the title is scheduled to drop for Xbox and PC players. There are quite a number of things that will be improved, but from Forza directly, here are the highlights that will be resolved:

  • An issue that caused PR Stunts to reset to one star despite the Personal Best score displaying a higher amount has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed an issue that unintendedly reset Car Masteries for a vehicle if listed on the Auction House.
  • To alleviate some regional ISP issues, particularly in Argentina, we’ve made improvements to online player connectivity.
  • For some players, an issue with the Treasure Chest not spawning in the game upon solving the riddle persisted. We’ve made further improvements to fix this for all players.
  • We’ve fixed the miscalculation on the EventLab Props Budget UI when an object is removed.
  • Some players couldn’t unlock the “Mission Complete” Accolade despite fulfilling the required objective. This has been fixed.
  • We’ve fixed an issue which allowed players to unintentionally drive out of the environment while customizing a car.
  • Unintended shadows would appear near the rear wheels of the 1995 Toyota MR2 GT when using BOMEX side skirts. This has been fixed.
  • An issue which prevented players from setting the Horizon Festival Outpost as their Player House while the Hot Wheels Festival Outpost is set as the Player House has been fixed.


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