Four new cars arrive with Forza Horizon 5’s April Festival Playlist, Midnights at Horizon

Justin Melillo
Forza Horizon 5’s April Festival Playlist will take place alongside the first month of the new Rally Adventure Expansion, and it is called Midnights at Horizon.
Forza Horizon 5’s April Festival Playlist detailed, Midnights at Horizon

The 19th Festival Playlist for Forza Horizon 5 coincides with the latest expansion, Rally Adventure, however the theme for March was rally-themed, so what is it this month?

Well, starting on 30th March, the newest festival will be about the night racing scene as Midnights at Horizon begins for the following four weeks until it concludes on 27th April.

The details were all announced in the Forza Monthly livestream on 27th March.


There are four new cars coming to Forza Horizon 5 this time around. Each will be available to unlock by only collecting 20 PTS in each respective season.

  • 2021 Rimac Nevera (20 PTS in Week 1 – Summer)
  • 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing (20 PTS in Week 2 – Autumn)
  • 2021 Lexus LC 500 (20 PTS in Week 3 – Winter)
  • 2022 Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing (20 PTS in Week 4 – Spring)


A grand total of 280 PTS – 70 in each week or season – can be collected through the entire series. One can nearly claim the first full series reward by maxing out the Summer Festival!

At 80 PTS, the ‘epic’ 2012 Porsche 911 GT3 RS4 is less hard to find and more in your inventory. By doubling that, at 160 PTS, the same theory applies with the ‘epic’ and ‘hard to find’ Aventador J.

The reason for the increased PTS in this 19th series is due to the addition of the Rally Adventure Expansion events, combined with the existing Hot Wheels Expansion events.

For the month, there is Monthly Rivals Forza EV contests to take part in. With the midnight lifestyle taking centerstage, expect there to be some pretty neat visuals around Mexico when the sun is turned off.


Two ‘legendary’ vehicles are up for grabs in the first week of the festival, during the Summer ‘Wet’ Season. 70 PTS are on the docket, and as mentioned above, the new, ‘exclusive’ and ‘legendary’ Rimac Nevera is unlocked after collecting 20 of them.

Double up and grab just over half of what is available and the ‘hard to find’ and ‘legendary’ 2018 ID Zerouno can be yours. Granted, if you don’t have either expansion, there is really only 56 PTS available… take out the 10 PTS from The Trial if you’re not in the Hall of Fame, and it will be a bit more of a grind to get the needed PTS.

The #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge takes on some Australian vibes by requiring the use of the 2014 HSV GEN-F GTS for ‘Holden On’.

The Forzathon Shop has a ‘legendary’ 2018 Apollo IE for sale as well at 550 Forzathon Points.

Two ‘epic’ cars, the McLaren 570S and Maserati GT-S, are rewards for completing The Trial and the first EventLab challenge, respectively. The second EventLab, as well as the three PR Stunts, will all yield a Super Wheelspin reward.

The ‘rare’ 2012 Mini JCW and the ‘common’ Audi RS3 are rewarded for completing the two Seasonal Championships.

There exists a Treasure Hunt in the first week – ‘Shelby Coming Down the Mountain’ is the title and the clue states “she’s a beauty to behold, you must drift sideways to win gold”.

There is also a #NEONNIGHTS Photo Challenge and a Horizon Open challenge, both yielding non-car rewards but two PTS a piece toward the weekly and monthly rewards.


The next week will be the Autumn ‘Storm’ Season with another 70 PTS up for grabs. Scoring 20 PTS will unlock that new, ‘rare’ and ‘exclusive’ CT5-V Caddy. Score another 20 PTS and the ‘epic’ and ‘hard to find’ Audi R8 from 2013 is unlocked.

Rally Adventure players, as well as Hot Wheels players, get two more events per expansion to take part in and seven more PTS per expansion to collect.

In the #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge, ‘Corvette Racing’, you’ll need another GM branded car, the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 to complete the chapters.

As for The Trail for the Hall of Fame players, the 2013 Vantage S, an ‘epic’ machine, is unlocked alongside 10 PTS added to your total for the week.

Another ‘epic’ car in the Audi RS 7 is unlocked in the first EventLab of the week and another four Super Wheelspins are added to your collection with the next EventLab and three PR Stunts.

In the three Seasonal Championships, two ‘common’ vehicles in the Infiniti Q60 and Holden Sandman and one ‘rare’ car in the Porsche Cayman can be unlocked by completion.

There won’t be a Treasure Hunt in the Autumn, but there will be a Collectibles! By smashing 10 Horizon Neon Cubes, each player can unlock a ‘legendary’ Festival Sombrero.

The Photo Challenge offers a Song Reward by photographing any Track Toy next to the Neon Tank at Guanajuato University.


The second half of the festival kicks off in the Winter ‘Dry’ Season, and the ‘rare’, ‘exclusive’ and new Lexus LC 500 from 2021 is unlocked after collecting 20 PTS of a possible 70.

For 40 PTS earned, the 2018 ATS GT, a ‘hard to find’ and ‘epic’ reward, is unlocked as well.

Two more PR Stunts and Seasonal Championships specific to their Expansions are also completable here.

The first two #FORZATHON Weekly Challenges of the Festival were GM-related, but this week will require another American muscle in the 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Completing that scores 5 PTS and 80 Forzathon Points.

A theme of ‘epic’ rewards continues into this week as a 1959 Porsche 356 is the reward for completing The trial and a 1967 Corvette is the reward in the first EventLab.

As it’s been the other two weeks, there are Super Wheelspins available in PR Stunts and the second EventLab. New for Winter is a Seasonal Playground Games where one can unlock a ‘rare’ Ariel Nomad.

Two other ‘rare’ cars, a 1977 Pontiac Trans Am and a 2008 BMW Z4, are rewards for completing the regular Seasonal Championships.

Vantage Point is the Treasure Hunt name for Winter. The clue reads “Horizon would be proud of your ‘Aston’ishing basejump. Hmmm…

#NEONHEIGHTS is the Photo Challenge here, and another Horizon Open exists with a ‘rare’ 2015 Dodge Challenger reward in sight.


Finally, the Spring ‘Hot’ Season wraps up the final week of the Midnights at Horizon festival. That new, ‘exclusive’ and ‘rare’ Cadillac CT4-V is unlocked at 20 PTS. A ‘hard to find’ and ‘epic’ Radical RXC is unlocked at 40 PTS. As usual, there are 70 PTS to collect.

The #FORZATHON Weekly Challenge requires the use of a 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition (R35) in the aptly named ‘Black Edition’ challenge. Once again, 5 PTS and 80 Forzathon Points are collected by completing it.

The two final ‘epic’ cars up for grabs this season are the 2018 Saleen S1 for completing The Trial and the Lotus 3-Eleven for completing that first EventLab.

A Danger Sign, Speed Trap, and Speed Zone are the three PR Stunts to complete for the three Super Wheelspins there. Also a Super Wheelspin exists in the second EventLab.

A ‘rare’ 1970 Chevelle and a ‘rare’ 2010 Volkswagen Golf R are unlocked in the Seasonal Championships. There is also a Horizon Tour Co-Op championship with no reward besides the Three PTS.

TREASURE HUNT! The third and final Treasure Hunt of the Festival is ‘Shoulda, Woulda, Cuda’. “Don’t run out of time and in this Arcade, you’ll do fine” is the clue.

#NEONPALMS is the Photo Challenge. A ‘rare’ 2009 BMW M5 is available for finishing better that 30th in The Eliminator.


The big update for the new Expansion is expected later this week, but to coincide with the Festival Playlist update, there are some things that Forza has already laid out. Here’s what the official site says:

  • We’ve fixed the black windows that appear on car thumbnails in the car selection menu. While this won’t retroactively apply to existing thumbnails, these can be regenerated yourself by modifying the car with either a new color, livery or tuning parts.
  • Fixed an issue in the Las Afueras Street Race upon resetting the car after missing a specific checkpoint.
  • Daily Wheelspins from the Hotel Castillo Player House are now consistently rewarded every day.
  • An issue that prevented players from using d-pad menus after the Convoy host disconnects while loading into a race has been fixed.
  • We’ve made improvements to alleviate the crash rate for head-to-head races in The Eliminator and Free Roam.
  • Players could generate excess accolade points offline that contributed to the Hall of Fame leaderboard by repeating timed accolade challenges. This has been fixed.
  • The number of target photos for Horizon Promo has been corrected.
  • An issue that caused cars to not rev past 3000 RPM when shifting from first gear to reverse, or from reverse to first gear, has been fixed.
  • A PC-specific issue that caused the game to crash if the display was not connected to the primary graphics card has been resolved.


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