Formula E 2021 update, includes “Attack Zone” for rFactor 2


Ahead of the first broadcast event of the new Formula E Accelerate esports series, rFactor 2 has dropped a fairly major overhaul to the cars that will open up more strategic options to drivers in the series. The good news is, that you can do the same with this free update to the DLC.

However, the bad news is that it only works online because it’s currently incompatible with the current AI systems in place. So if you really want to try Attack Mode for yourself then you’re going to need to assemble a team of friends to make it happen.

The Attack Zone will also only work on the designated Formula E tracks and with the Formula E Gen2 car (which does make sense since it was introduced with Gen2 in real life).

To be honest, it’s not the most straightforward system unless you’re an avid Formula E fan. You’ll have to drive through an activation zone, and that will unlock more performance from your electric motor. There are some additional restrictions though depending upon the session, the lap you’re on and the circuit. Fortunately, the good people at Studio 397 have created a video that explains all the ins and outs, dos and don’ts in one simple to understand video:

Credit: Studio 397

Additionally, there are some other adjustments to the Formula E tracks. Predominantly attack zone has been added but there are some others, including PBR (Physics-Based Rendering) updates too. Here’s a full list:

Berlin 2020 v1.7

  • Added Attack Zone
  • Removed Marshal Collisions

Hong Kong 2018 v1.67

  • Added Attack Zone

Monaco 2019 v1.61

  • Added Attack Zone
  • Fixed Issues with Flag System online
  • Fixed a pavement collision issue on left hand side approaching hairpin
  • Fixed collision issue near Swimming Pool barriers
  • Fixed a material issue with the Yacht Club Windows

New York 2020 v1.11

  • Added Attack Zone
  • Updated Advertisements
  • Removed Marshal Collisions
  • Added missing Terrain Definitions
  • Adjustments to Terrain Definitions
  • Fixed flipped Digital Flags

The Formula E Accelerate qualifiers closed last week and the first round is due to take place on Thursday 28th January on the Formula E YouTube channel.

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