Ford GT LM in latest Gran Turismo 7 teaser throws us back to GT4

Ford GT LM in latest Gran Turismo 7 teaser throws us back to GT4

Aaah, the Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II. A confusing title for a fictional race car version of the second-generation Ford GT. Special in the hearts of those of a certain age as it was the pin-up car for Gran Turismo 4 – seen by many as Polyphony Digital’s peak.

In the latest Gran Turismo 7 trailer, entitled ‘Racer’ and part of the Behind The Scenes video series, we see the Ford GT LM Race Car Spec II brought back in stunning 4K for the first time since GT6.

Gran Turismo series producer Kazunori Yamauchi is famed for his Ford GT fandom, having owned at least two in real life. The GT LM Race Car Spec II takes the road-going version and tunes it for motorsport use.

Balance of Performance

In the trailer, we can see it sharing the track with an eclectic mix of race cars – the Toyota Castrol TOM’S SUPRA ’97, the Le Mans-winning Mazda 787B ’91 and Nissan R92CP ’92. It remains to be seen what class this is included in, especially with the knowledge that Groups (Gr.) and Performance Points (PP) are mixed together in GT7.

The Mazda, in particular, is in Gr.1 within GT Sport, so has it been re-classified or simply massively down-tuned?

It’s also worth considering that in GT Sport, there was the Gr.3 Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car. So, will the Spec II be in Gr.4 and the Test Car in Gr.3? We’ll hopefully find out soon enough.

Ford GT LM in latest Gran Turismo 7 teaser throws us back to GT4

Haptic feedback

The main focus of the video is Kaz discussing motorsport requiring teamwork and the sound of your competitors.

He also discusses the haptic feedback which will only be on the PS5 version when using a Dualsense controller – rather obviously.

“When your car moves in certain ways like when the front tyres slip from understeering, they will produce a certain kind of vibration,” highlighted the Japanese game development icon, with some exaggerated hand movements.

“Haptic feedback is used to communicate this kind of sensation.”

Gran Turismo 7 haptic feedback

Polyphony Digital has traditionally been an early-adaptor to Sony’s first-part technology – see PS VR support in GT Sport, and this will continue with the haptic feedback features.

Otherwise, in this trailer, there’s a lot of existing GT7 teaser footage, several new angles of the Trail Mountain circuit and a repeat of the Apricot Hill teaser but in red as opposed to green. Each video in the Behind The Scenes series seems to be releasing on an irregular schedule, so stay tuned to Traxion.GG for the latest analysis.

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