February rFactor 2 roadmap includes a sandy surprise

New month, new roadmap. Last month gave us news on a new release mechanism for new builds, a fresh coat of paint for Indianapolis Motor Speedway and some updates on the competition system. For this February’s update, there’s much of the same but also a sneaky track announcement from the developers at Studio 397 đź‘€

You can read the full post on the rFactor 2 website or check the below for the key info that you need:

Bugs, Builds and Fixes

Last month it was announced that following some bugs in a recent release build that new builds would be offered as betas before being pushed to the general public. This gets reiterated by the team but they also mention some bug fixes that are not necessarily obvious to the public and are taking up some development resources – fingers crossed this doesn’t take too long and will help the stability of the platform going forward.

To test a “Release Candidate” right click on the game in Steam. Then Properties -> Betas -> Release Candidate.


The big news in this roadmap is the announcement of the Diriyah Formula E track. The track was the scene of the first round of the world championship this weekend just gone. It’s a fairly fast track in Formula E terms – closer to the “test track”/Lester than the other tracks currently in rFactor 2. In even better news, it’s expected to release this coming week as well and will be available from the store (likely for around ÂŁ6.94 like the other circuits)

Check out the highlights from Race 1 of the Formula E championship on its YouTube channel

Another track has been teased by the team… but they won’t tell us what it is! The only clues are, “a surprisingly fast, very technical and rather undulating layout that is an absolute blast to drive”. Although a lot of the community seem to be expecting Daytona International Speedway – we’re not sure “undulating” really covers the track there. I guess we’ll just have to wait for now.

Evidently, there are some more track refreshes on their way. Circuit d’Azure is expected to reveal its facelift sometime in the coming month with others on the cusp but likely to push further into the year. You can expect general track fixes in addition to PBR (Physically Based Rendering) as improvements for all of these.

Other News

  • Competition platform – apparently sim racers like competing. Who knew! The uptake has evidently been high
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway – update released last month (with PBR)
  • RCCO eX Zero – recently updated to 1.17 with regen and other improvements
  • GT3 cars – they got BoP’d ahead of…
  • GT Pro Series – the draft is tonight and the first race a week from now. More important news about that soon!

Well that’s it. Hopefully more than enough to satisfy your desire for rFactor 2 development news. As previously mentioned, you can read the whole thing on the Studio 397 website if you don’t trust us.

What do you think? A big enough update or is there still a lot to do on the rFactor 2 sim platform? As always let us know on social media.

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