F1 Manager becomes F1 Clash for 2021

F1® Mobile becomes F1® Clash for 2021

The officially licensed Formula 1 mobile racing game that used to be known as F1 Manager has been rebranded to F1 Clash as of 10th May. The change of name to the tap-to-play title comes hot on the heels of a new season, both in the game atmosphere and in general, as well as a complete overhaul to the games’ content, appearance, and graphics model. 

“We’ve continually improved the experience of F1 Clash thanks to the valued feedback from our community and our own learnings from previous seasons, but the latest season is easily the most exciting development for both the Hutch team and our players,” F1 Clash Game Director at Hutch, Corentin Delprat said.

“Always envisioned as a competitive title, we’re thrilled to demonstrate our efforts to add even greater depth and enhanced mechanics, making F1 Clash an even more intense and rewarding package for Formula 1 fans.” 

It’s not a driving game per se, but more of an opportunity to manage your own Formula 1 team from the bottom to the top. During a race, you make decisions for both of your drivers including when to pit and how hard to push fuel and tires. Back on the home screen, collect crates and upgrade your drivers and cars, as well as add boosts to make your team have peak performance every event. 

The game is officially licensed and includes all the official drivers, teams, and liveries in 2021. If you’re a fan of Formula 1, this may be a fun little way to keep entertained on the go. 

F1 Clash is available on both Android and Apple devices. The download is free, but be warned, the game does feature in-game purchases to advance quicker through the story. 

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