F1 23’s final car models unveiled

Thomas Harrison-Lord
Up until this point, the car designs have been temporary for the hands-on previews, but the final models have now been unleashed.
F1 23's final car models unveiled

The 2023 season has seen a spate of bare carbon fibre, as teams look to use less paint and thus save weight.

This trend is represented in this season’s game, alongside the distinctive body and aero designs for each squad.

You are able to spot similar design philosophies that the Red Bull and Aston Martin share, the previously concave look of the Ferrari and the ‘zero sidepod’ design used by Mercedes-AMG. Speaking of which, the team’s latest significant update is not yet present.

There will be a game update later this year, a timescale on which is to be confirmed, which is said to include “as many of these mid-season changes as possible.”

All of the current livery designs are present too – save for, perhaps understandably due to its freshness, McLaren’s ‘Triple Crown’ design for the Monaco and Spanish Grand Prix.

With F1 World recently showcased to the media and the soundtrack revealed, we’re on the home stretch to release now, with the Champions Edition of F1 23 hitting on 13th June.

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