Everything you need to know about Kart Racing Pro 

We tell you everything you need to know about PiBoSo’s excellent karting sim Kart Racing Pro.

What is Kart Racing Pro? 

Kart Racing Pro is a karting sim by the one-man development team PiBoSo.

Featuring accurately modelled karts and circuits, Kart Racing Pro focuses on the simulation side of karting, with realistic set-up options and advanced features such as chassis flex, tyre deformation, telemetry, track evolution and wet weather all included. 

Although lacking in the graphics department compared to KartKraft and KartSim for rFactor 2, Kart Racing Pro is still popular among the karting fraternity, being used by many professional and amateur karters as a training tool.

Can you play Kart Racing Pro online? 

Yes, Kart Racing Pro can be played online. Public servers are unfortunately mostly empty, but there are sim karting communities offering competitive online racing.

Does Kart Racing Pro have AI opponents for offline racinf? 

No, Kart Racing Pro does not have AI opponents. 

Which tracks are included with Kart Racing Pro? 

Kart Racing Pro has seven karting venues including multiple configurations: 

  • Lonato 
  • Circuit International d’Essay 
  • Rye House Kart Raceway 
  • Zuera 
  • Karting Genk 
  • Pro-Kart Raceland 
  • Nuerburgring Kartbahn 
Kart Racing Pro offers advanced, karting-specific options

Which karts are included with Kart Racing Pro? 

Kart Racing Pro features seven distinct kart classes from licenced manufacturers like Lotus Racing Karts, CRG and MS KARTS. Classes include: 

  • KF1 
  • KF3 
  • KZ1 
  • FS250 
  • F100 
  • Mini 60 
  • eKart 

 Are there mods available for Kart Racing Pro? 

Yes, Kart Racing Pro has an active community which has developed hundreds of add-on tracks, karts, engines, driver suits, helmets and other items for the sim. 

These can be downloaded from the official Kart Racing Pro forums. 

Kart Racing Pro’s chassis flex in action

Is Kart Racing Pro compatible with VR? 

Yes, Kart Racing Pro is VR compatible, and thanks to its simplistic graphics works very smoothly. 

How much is Kart Racing Pro? 

Kart Racing Pro normally costs £29.99 on Steam. 

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