Everything you need to know about ESL R1’s 2023 Fall Season 

We detail everything you need to know about ESL R1’s Fall Season ahead of the opening round on the 31st of August.
ESL R1 2023 Fall Season

ESL R1’s inaugural Spring Season showcased competitive sim racing on a grand scale; with six online Rounds bookended by glamourous on-site LAN events at Katowice and Munich, where Marcell Csincsik emerged as the victor, pocketing €45,000

Indeed, not only was the racing action intense, with the quickest sim racers racing for the biggest esports teams on the planet, but the prize pool was also the largest ever seen in sim racing, as drivers battled it out for a share of €500,000 (across Spring and Fall seasons). 

What is the tournament format of ESL R1’s 2023 Fall Season? 

Just like ESL R1’s Spring Season there will be four drivers per team, with seven races per round. Each round features a knock-out system where the top six in each race progress to the next stage. 

There are four quarter-finals, two semi-finals and a final, with each consisting of 20-minute races. Tyre wear and fuel consumption multipliers are active but there are no pitstops, so the races are full-on sprint events. 

The first eight rounds contribute to the ‘regular season’ standings, with the top 24 drivers qualifying for the on-site LAN ‘Major’ event to decide the overall winner of the Fall Season. 

Rennsport BMW M4 GT3
Rennsport’s BMW M4 GT3

What is the prize pool for ESL R1’s 2023 Fall Season? 

The drivers in ESL R1’s 2023 Fall Season will be battling it out for a share of a €225,000 prize pot, which will be divided among the top six teams in the Team Championship and the top 12 drivers in the Drivers’ Championship.  

There will also be a ‘Content Reward’ prize for the three teams deemed to have come up with the best social media content in throughout the season. 

ESL R1 Fall Season prizes breakdown 

Team Championship  

  • 1st €40,000
  • 2nd €20,000  
  • 3rd €15,000
  • 4th €12,500 –  
  • 5th €7,500 –  
  • 6th €5,000 –  
  • 7th – 12th – –  
  • Total €100,000  

Driver Championship  

  • 1st €40,000 €1,000 (7x; €1,100 for Round 8)  
  • 2nd €15,000 €400 (8x)  
  • 3rd €10,000 €150 (8x)  
  • 4th €8,000    
  • 5th €6,000    
  • 6th €5,000    
  • 7th €3,500    
  • 8th €3,000    
  • 9th €2,750    
  • 10th €2,500    
  • 11th €2,250    
  • 12th €2,000    
  • 13th – 24th –    
  • Total €100,000
Csincsik wins €45,000 and inaugural ESL R1 title
Marcell Csincsik will be hoping to repeat his ESL R1 Spring Season Major form

Who is ESL?  

Formerly known as Electronic Sports League, the ESL is a German esports organisation body and production company known for the ESL Pro League, utilising several gaming titles such as tactical first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, plus real-time strategy titles StarCraft II and WarCraft III. 

Which platform will ESL R1’s Fall Season use? 

Just like ESL R1’s Spring Season, the Fall Season will use Competition Company’s Rennsport platform. Although still in beta, Rennsport has shown encouraging signs of being a competitor to sims like rFactor 2, Assetto Corsa Competizione and iRacing, thanks to several licencing deals with manufacturers like Praga, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche. 

With modding and multiplayer recently added to its Open Beta, and more features, cars and tracks set to be added in future, Rennsport is worth keeping an eye on over the coming months. 

Who won ESL R1’s Spring Season? 

Marcell Csincsik of R8G Esports won ESL R1’s Spring Season Major in Munich, but it was Luke Bennett who claimed the regular season crown driving for Team Redline, which also finished top of the regular season teams’ standings. 

The recent Gamers8 series in Saudi Arabia – which is also run by ESL and uses Rennsport as a basis – was won by Porsche Coanda Esports (Team champions) and Maximilian Benecke (Driver champion), each receiving $250,000 and $100,000 respectively, making them early favourites for ESL Fall Season glory. 

Joshua Rogers va Erhan Jajovski Rennsport Gamers8 Saudi ESL 2023
Rennsport is once again being used for an ESL series

Where and when will the ESL R1 Fall Major take place? 

ESL R1’s Fall Major will take place across the 24th-26th of November 2023 at the DreamHack Winter gaming event in Jönköping, Sweden. 

Which cars will be used in ESL R1’s Fall Season? 

Again, as in ESL R1’s Spring Season, the Fall Season will use Rennsport’s lineup of GT3 machinery; including: 

  • BMW M4 GT3  
  • AMG-GT3 Evo  
  • Porsche 911 GT3 R (992)  
  • Audi R8 LMS GT3 evo II 

Which teams and drivers are competing in ESL R1’s Fall Season? 

The same teams that appeared in ESL R1’s Spring Season are back for the Fall Season, with the full lineup listed below. 

Although MOUZ, FURIA, Heroic and FaZe Clan are new to sim racing they arrived with an impressive array of virtual racing talent in ESL R1’s Spring Season, with FaZe’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter continuing his transition from professional Call of Duty player to sim racer. 

Rennsport, ESL R1, Spa-francorchamps

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Esports Team  

Car type: Mercedes                  

  • 1. James Baldwin  
  • 2. Bono Huis  
  • 3. Marko Pejić  
  • 4. Graham Carroll  

Porsche Coanda Esports Racing Team  

Car type: Porsche                     

  • 5. Joshua Rogers  
  • 6. Mitchell DeJong  
  • 7. Dayne Warren  
  • 8. Mack Bakkum  

BMW M Team BS+Competition  

Car type: BMW                         

  • 9. Ryan Barneveld  
  • 10. Ferris Stanley  
  • 11. Ibraheem Khan  
  • 12. Pedro Sanchez  

FaZe Clan  

Car type: Porsche                     

  • 13. Ian “Crimsix” Porter  
  • 14. Matti Sipilä  
  • 15. Gianmarco Fiduci  
  • 16. Cem Bolukbasi  


Car type: BMW             

  • 17. Caique Oliveira  
  • 18. Gustavo Ariel  
  • 19. Lasse Sørensen  
  • 20. Lasse Bak  

G2 Esports  

Car type: BMW                         

  • 21. Robbie Stapleford  
  • 22. Eamonn Murphy  
  • 23. Sebastian Job  
  • 24. Isaac Price  


Car type: Porsche                     

  • 25. Tommy Østgaard  
  • 26. Mikkel Gade  
  • 27. Tuomas Tähtelä  
  • 28. Oskar Biksrud  


Car type: Audi   

  • 29. Maximilian Benecke  
  • 30. Moritz Löhner  
  • 31. Patrik Holzmann  
  • 32. Yuri Kasdorp  
Williams Esports, Rennsport, Mercedes-AMG
Image courtesy of Williams Esports

Team Redline   

Car type: BMW             

  • 33. Luke Bennett  
  • 34. Kevin Siggy  
  • 35. Jeffrey Rietveld  
  • 36. Enzo Bonito  

R8G eSports  

Car type: Audi               

  • 37. Marcell Csincsik  
  • 38. Erhan Jajovski  
  • 39. Jiri Toman  
  • 40. Thibault Cazaubon  

Mercedes-AMG Williams Esports Team  

Car type: Mercedes                  

  • 41. Dáire McCormack  
  • 42. Jack Keithley  
  • 43. Nikodem Wisniewski  
  • 44. Jacub Brzeziński  

Mercedes-AMG E-Sports Team ART  

Car type: Mercedes                  

  • 45. Niklas Houben  
  • 46. Kevin Ellis, Jr.  
  • 47. Jamie Fluke  
  • 48. Yohann Harth  
Rennsport updates Closed Beta, adds damage, figure 8 track 02

Where can fans watch the ESL R1 Fall Season broadcasts? 

To watch ESL R1 Fall Season race broadcasts, viewers can tune into ESL R1’s YouTube and Twitch channels, with Thursday Knockout races available to watch via trusted streamers PabloGz205, Valhovamp, GutoColvera, and GeorgeMorgan. 

ESL R1 Fall Season 2023 calendar: 

  • Round 1: 31st August – 1st September, Monza
  • Round 2: 7th-8th September, Spa-Francorchamps
  • Round 3: 21st-22nd September, Hockenheimring
  • Round 4: 28th-29th September, Nürburgring
  • Round 5: 5th-6th October, Monza
  • Round 6: 26th-27th October, TBA
  • Round 7: 2nd-3rd November, TBA
  • Round 8: 9th-10th November, TBA
  • ESL R1 2023 Fall Major: 24th-26th November, TBA
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