Every track that will be included in DRIFTCE

Justin Melillo
When DRIFTCE launches in the Spring of 2023 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, it will have 14 venues to race upon.

We recently reported on the new title DRIFTCE coming to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles at some point this Spring. The title builds off of the previously-released DRIFT21 title on PC with much of the same content included in the renamed console edition coming soon.

DRIFTCE is set to include the same content included within DRIFT21, including seven different circuits that come from the laser-scanned Ebisu Circuit.

Those 14 tracks include:

DRIFTCE track list

• EBISU Driftland
• EBISU School
• EBISU Minami
• EBISU North
• EBISU West
• EBISU East
• EBISU Togue
• Koszalin
• Haruna
• Training Ver.1
• Training Ver.2
• Parking
• Stadium Ver. 1
• Stadium ver. 2

DRIFTCE is a console drifting simulator based on DRIFT21

In particular, Mount Haruna, a respected real-world touge route, is a new piece of content that was not included in DRIFT21.

Players will be able to race on all of these venues in multiplayer challenges or single player modes that include Career, Quick Race, Sandbox, Free Ride, Solo Run, Time Attack and Gymkhana.

DRIFTCE will launce in the Spring of 2023.

SOURCE: PlayStation Store

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