Every car that you can drift and upgrade in DRIFTCE

Justin Melillo
When DRIFTCE launches in the Spring of 2023 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles, it will have 13 licensed cars to drift and upgrade.

We recently reported on the new title DRIFTCE coming to the Xbox and PlayStation consoles at some point this Spring. The title builds off of the previously-released DRIFT21 title on PC with much of the same content included in the renamed console edition coming soon.

DRIFTCE is set to include the same content included within DRIFT21, and that includes the same 13 licensed drift cars found on the PC title.

Those 13 cars include:

DRIFTCE car list

• Toyota AE86
• Mazda MX5
• Nissan Silvia (S15)
• Subaru BRZ
• Mazda RX8
• BMW E46 M3
• Ford Mustang
• BMW E30 M3
• Nissan 350Z
• Mazda RX7
• BMW E92 M3
• Nissan 180SX (S13)
• BMW E36 M3

In December 2021, the Toyota AE86 was added to DRIFT21, so there could be a possibility that we continue to see content added after DRIFTCE releases.

For now, these are the 13 cars that players will get to drift and upgrade with more than 1800 replaceable components, including parts for the included selection of 3 Rotor, 4 Rotor, Boxer, R4, R6 and V8 engines.

DRIFTCE will launce in the Spring of 2023.

SOURCE: PlayStation Store

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